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Dav, Rachel, and Felix Win

9월 22, 2009

We have a few more competition wins to report this week:

David Dagault (Ozone’s Designer and Chief Test Pilot) and Rachel Evans won the overall of the French National Distance League. During the season, on good XC days, Dav flew whatever we felt like testing that day. Sometimes it was the R09 or R10, other times it was the BBHPP. His combined scores put him at the top of the CFD class overall, with Luc Armant in close second. Luc also flew a variety of Ozone wings during the season. Overall results are here: http://parapente.ffvl.fr/cfd/classement/G/2008

Dav and Luc’s result has put their local club, Au Gre de L’Air, in first place for the French National club ranking. Nice effort guys, and great job. It’s only logical that the local club near the Ozone Headquarters should be in first place 😉

In the women’s class, Rachel Owen took first place overall flying her trusty LTF 1 Ozone Mojo3 and also the Rush2. Rachel is a serious XC pilot who likes feeling secure during her flights in the Southern Alps, were conditions can be strong during the summer. She flew an incredible 90km FAI triangle with her Mojo3 in June, check out her impressive scores: http://parapente.ffvl.fr/pilote/0104686N/2009 (overall ranking here) A seasoned XC pilot, Rachel has a long history of impressive XC flights on LTF 1 and 1-2 wings, making her a shining example of excellent judgment and solid skill. Congrats Rachel, we’re so happy to have you on the team.
That puts Ozone in first place for the Men’s and Women’s overall ranking. Congrats to Dav and Rachel and Luc for flying so well!

In Acro news, Felix Rodriguez took 1st place at the Spanish Acro Championships and finished 3rd overall. Felix is constantly testing the FLX.2 for us, which is our Open Class Acro wing for experienced Acro pilots. So far, he seems to think that it’s holding up well and is one of the easiest wings for learning the elusive and exciting infinite tumble. Congrats Felix, and thanks for the effort!

Cheers from all the Team.