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Top Landing Mt Blanc

8월 20, 2009

Wednesday the 19th of August was a very special day for 11 pilots in France. For only the second time in history, a group of pilots were able to top land on the summit of Mt Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps (4810m).

Among the 11 were Olivier Laugero and his tandem passenger, who became the first ever tandem pilot to land on the summit of Mt Blanc. Oliver was flying his trusty Magnum, which he said has the stability, performance, and handling that you really need in order to make it to the summit and then land there.

Olivier has been an Ozone Team Pilot for more than 5 years and is a professional photographer and adventurer. His lifestyle is truly amazing – currently in the middle of a multi-year around the world sailing adventure, Olivier flew back to Chamonix for the summer in order to fly XC in his favorite mountains, the French Alps. Olivier’s site is at www.olivierlaugero.com

Also on the summit was French pilot, Laurent Valbert, flying an Ozone Addict.

The other lucky 9 pilots were Denis Vesin, Caroline Brille (first woman to do so), Julien Serré, Denis Cortella, Max Jeanpierre, Christophe Fulchiron, Eric Roussel, Lionel Pouzadoux, and Julien Irrili.

Congratulations to all of you for an amazing accomplishment, what an awesome day!

Cheers from all the Team.

Special thanks to Max Jeanpierre of Kortel Design for the photos at right.