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RedBull X-Alps: Aidan & Julien Competing Again

7월 18, 2009

Ozone pilots have competed in every X-Alps event since the first edition in 2003, when Ozone’s designer and chief test pilot, Dav Dagault, took 2nd place flying an early lightweight prototype. Dav’s success in the competition and his obsession with lightweight high performance wings led to the development of the Geo, and then the Ultralite, and now the Swift. In this way, Ozone has been at the forefront of lightweight paragliding equipment design since the beginning, and the Ultraite is still the world’s lightest certified paraglider.

This year, X-Alps veterans and Ozone Team Pilots, Aidan Toase and Julien Wirtz, will be running through the starting gate in Salzburg on the 19th and heading for Monaco. in the 2007 event, Aidan and Julien both finished in the top 10 overall, a highly respectable result, and we’re looking forward to watching their progress this year. To see more about the 2007 event, check out the 2007 Ozone X-Alps Site here.

Julien will be flying a Mantra R09 in a special XS size, constructed from Ultralite materials, and Aidan has chosen a lightweight Mantra M3, also constructed with Ultralite technology, which weighs in at just 4.3kg. Julien’s 4.6kg Mantra R09 cruises at about 70kmh on full speed bar, which should help him make good time on his many glides and crossings on the route to Monaco.

Aidan and Julien both have excellent personal blogs that we highly recommend. Julien’s blog (non-Francophones will have to be content with photo browsing) is at http://julienwirtz.blogspot.com/ Julien is being supported by his friend, Adrien Vicier.

Aidan is again raising funds for the children’s charity, Plan International, and his blog is at: http://flyingtoast.co.uk/ Aidan is being supported this year by his friend, Charlie Merret.

We wish Aidan and Julien all the best on their 818km adventure through the Alps, and we’re praying for beautiful flying weather so that they may enjoy their wings as much as possible. To track Aidan and Julien live, head to the RedBull X-Alps site and take a look. They both will be publishing daily athlete diaries which can be found there.

Cheers guys, lots of luck and best wishes from all the Team!