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The Super Paragliding Testival

3월 29, 2009

Over the years we have watched the myriad of paragliding trade shows and events change, disappear, and sometimes reappear. With the advent of the PMA (Paraglider Manufacturer’s Association) the future of paragliding events in the German speaking world may become slightly more predictable, and the PMA members have now agreed that the major event of 2009 will be the Super Paragliding Testival in Koessen, Austria, 21-24 May.

All major brands will be represented and one of the most significant possible benefits is the fact that the event will be held at a major flying site, and pilots will be welcome to test wings from all manufacturers. We hope that this will add the element of ‘public flight’ that is all too often missing from major paragliding trade shows.

So if you’re keen to try some new Ozone wings, particularly one of our more recent models such as the Mantra M3, Mojo 3, or Octane FLX, then Koessen might be a great place to do it. Our Representative for Austria and Germany, Konny Konrad, will be on-site with a heap of Ozone demos, including the Rush 2 and Addict 2 for those of you who are searching for the max XC performance in the intermediate categories.

More info is at: http://www.fly-koessen.at/spt/

Cheers, and we’ll see you there.