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The World’s Lightest Paraglider… Lighter!

3월 2, 2009

The lightest paraglider ever certified by the EN or the LTF, is now even lighter. The Ultralite 09 is now released with approximately a 200gm weight savings per size; thanks to a new hard-finish 27gm rib material from Porcher Sport and a new leading edge rigidification technique, David Dagault and the Ozone Test and Design Team have managed to shave off a few more grams, further widening the gap between the Ultralite and the competition.

The Ultralite 09 is available in 4 sizes: 25m, 23m, 19m, and 16m:

The 16m size is load tested only, and is for experienced pilots who want the absolute lightest possible ‘real paraglider’ for the most demanding ascents.

The 19m size is certified EN B, and is one of the smallest EN B certified wings in the world. That, plus the fact that it’s just 16.9m projected area and 2.38kg, the UL 19 is an amazing breakthrough in paraglider technology. No other wing comes close to it’s blend of size, weight, and passive safety.

The 23m and 25m sizes are both certified LTF 1-2, and are the lightest certified wings in their size and class.

To top it off, the UL09 is now available with a new top surface design and a third color option for 2009.
The Ultralite 09 is now available for order from your local Ozone Dealer.