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The Viper 2 is Here…

4월 9, 2009

The Viper has gained a worldwide reputation as (simply put) the best competition wing available. With World Champion, National, and European Titles, the Viper won more competitions than any PPG wing in history, and is now certified and shipping in the 24m and 28m sizes (26m to follow shortly).

Now the Viper 2 now has increased performance over the Viper 1, AND EN C certification.

Our goal was to improve every competitive aspect of the Viper, including comfort and safety, and then certify it with the most professional and respected testing body in the world. Our mission has been accomplished, and now the performance of the Viper 2 is available to a much wider range of paramotor pilots than before.

The Viper 2 is now certified and shipping in the 24m and 28m sizes. For more info go to products (on the Paramotor side of our website) and check out the Viper 2 info page, and look for the speed and agility at your local flying site… soon Vipers will be airborne worldwide.