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Ozone Team in USA

5월 22, 2006

For the past 2 weeks a few Ozone Team members have been cruising the American West, from the California Coast to the Utah Desert, in search of American Landscapes and good air. Ozone Team member and resident photographer, Olivier Laugero, has been accompanying the team documenting their progress. Ozone would like to thank all of the pilots who have helped us out on this great adventure so far, namely Brian and Heather Schenk in Utah, Loren, Gary, Dave, Chad & Co in California, the entire Jackson Hole PG crew, and especially Mike and Jake of Salt Lake city, who sweated in the heat of the Moab desert and hucked themselves off of the red cliffs there for the camera. Overall it has been an excellent adventure in true American ‘Road Trip’ style, with over 6,000km of road covered in 18 days!