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Gordon Bishop Wins!!!

4월 2, 2006

Congratulations to Gordon Bishop in the UK, who has won the Ozone glider of his choice!

The image at right shows were the winning pixel is, at the coordinates 746 585. Our XC pilot is climbing out in the distance, under a nice cumulus cloud. Gordon entered the coordinates 749 581, so he was just 3 and 5 pixels away from the exact spot. Honorable mention goes to Here Niessink in the Netherlands, who entered the coordinates 751 590, just 5 pixels away in either direction. We`ll post more news soon and let you know what glider Gordon chooses.

Thanks to all of you who played, we had entries from thousands of pilots, on every continent (including Antarctica), in 104 different countries around the globe! Cheers to all of you from the Ozone Team- enjoy your flights this spring!