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9월 13, 2005

Next week at the Coupe Icare of St Hillaire, France, the Ozone Team will be unveiling 3 new gliders for 2006.

The Magnum will replace the McDaddy tandem and will be available later this fall. Dav and the test team are in the final stages with this wing, which has been tested in a very wide range of conditions at sites all over the Alps.

The Addict will also be flying at St Hillaire. The Addict, a worthy successor to the Vulcan, is closely related to the Mantra. It is an energetic and precise XC wing for experienced intermediate pilots.

Finally, the Element. Replacing the Atom2 in the beginning of 2006, the Element is a school glider designed for maximum safety, affordability, and fun.

For more details, find us next week in St Hillaire or check back here soon!