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5월 16, 2005

The Ozone Chabre Open will be from the 11th to the 18th of June.

You have the chance to win two Ozone gliders in this Serial Class XC event aimed at encouraging pilots to compete in a friendly, stress-free environment! Ozone is proud to be the main sponsor of this event which is designed to be a friendly and fun competition – with the emphasis on fun! Pilots will be able to fly whatever level of glider they are comfortable on, with prizes being awarded within each DHV class (prizes for DHV 1, 1-2, 2, and 2-3 classes). In addition to the prizes in each class, we will be raffling off one free Ozone glider of your choice!

There will also be a handicap system used that will make it possible for the overall event to be won by a pilot on any glider. This system will be:

DHV 2/3 – Points as per the scoring program

DHV 2 – Points as per the scoring program plus 15%

DHV 1/2 – Points as per the scoring program plus 25%

DHV 1 – Points as per the scoring program plus 40%

Laragne is an excellent area to host the competition; it is renowned for its cross country flying with wide valleys and plenty of landing areas and roads. The comp will have a team element and the organizers will be encouraging experienced comp pilots to give help and advice to the less experienced members of their teams. As well as the main event there will also be a series of talks by some of paragliding`s most experienced pilots (Russ Ogden, Chris Dawes, Jocky Sanderson, etc) and of course evening parties. The entire Ozone Team will be in attendance, and we will have some demo wings available.

For more information, and to pre register for the comp, go to www.flylaragne.com