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2019 첼란 클라우드베이스 기부금 모금 행사

August 22, 2019

첼란(Chelan)에서 세계 기록 파일럿인 도니제페 레모스(Donizete Lemos) 선수가 5일간의 경기 후 두 차례 미국 내셔널 챔피언을 차지하며 2018년 우승을 지켜냈습니다. 그리고 오존 팀은 2위 닉 그리스(Nick Greece), 3위는 전설적인 오웬 쇼페이커(Owen... 자세한 사항

“The mountain area Baltoro-Muztagh around K2, Broad Peak and Concordia offers some of the most breathtaking views on this planet and I highly recommend a visit to everybody. The chance to then fly with the paraglider from these 8000m giant peaks is a dream come true and the experience of a lifetime!
The XXLite 2 offered amazing takeoff performance even with the very thin air at 8000m. Airspeed is much higher though and manoeuvres become more violent, so when I did some wingovers they became exertive very quickly and g-loads were surprisingly high 😉.
In addition to the stunning views in flight, getting down with the glider only takes ten minutes opposed to about eight hours of rather boring walking down.
Overall, a pretty unique experience!”
Pilot: Eduard Wagner @eduard.ulysses
Edit: Edgar Brigel
Music: Andreas Suttner