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The Ozone Chelan Open

The 2021 Ozone Chelan Open is wrapped after 4 amazing tasks.

This was an EN-C and below event with mentoring from some of the top comp pilots in the USA. Each day Nick Greece, Josh Cohn, Mitch Riley and Matthew Henzi, shared their knowledge, experience, and advice on how to fly the tasks better.

The overall winner was Mitch Riley, flying his Alpina 4, followed by Josh Cohn (Alpina 4), and Nick Greece (Delta 4) in third.

In the ladies category the winner was Galen Kirkpatrick followed by Alexia Fischer (Delta 3) and Anneka Herndon (Alpina 4).

Ozone Team Pilot and overall winner, Mitch Riley, reports:

“Racing the Alpina 4 around the skies of Eastern Washington for the last week was a blast!! Thanks to OZONE Paragliders and meet director Matt Senior and all the volunteers for putting on this mentoring comp. Many people have asked me how it felt to race on an EN C wing. The racing, the decisions, and the excitement felt just like racing any paraglider. I’ll be back next year! The performance of the Alpina 4/Delta 4 speaks for itself; winning every task and filling the podium, the glider goes well!!”

For Full Results visit: https://airtribune.com/ozone-chelan-open-2021/results

Congrats to all the pilots and cheers from all the team at OZONE.

See you next year!

Aerial images courtesy of Donizete Lemos


The 3rd FAI Paragliding Aerobatic World Championships, in Trasaghis, Italy: Ozone team pilot, Horacio Llorens, and his cousin, Raul Rodriguez, won the gold medal in the synchronized category, and Horacio took silver in the solo category.

Raul, the first ever World Champion in 2006, finished the event in a cast covering a broken fibula after a hard landing in the raft.

Six time World Tour Champion, Horacio Llorens, reports:
“These medals are really meaningful to me. Gold in Synchro with my cousin and master Raul Rodriguez who taught me everything in this sport. Silver in Solo, two years after my accident, I can’t be happier with this result. My country took bronze in the Nations ranking thanks to great team work with @pabloandreu89 , @alvacromr and @raul_rodriguez_acro. Congratulations to the Solo World Champion Bicho Carrera who gave his best and proved he has a bright future. A massive congrats to Luke De Weert, the best newcomer to join the most important podium, well done bro!

Thanks to all the pilots and the organizers for such a great event. I can’t forget my love @mariaduelo who supported me in such a difficult and long competition. And of course special thanks to Ozone Paragliders who prepared a new proto Session15m for me in a record time to be ready for this competition!
Now it’s time to go back to Organya, for what? To keep training of course!
-Va por ti Alejandro- 🥇🥈🥉

Congrats Horacio and cheers from all the Ozone Team!

Video by Allen Candela

PWC Kopaonik, Serbia

The second stop of the 2021 PWC in Kopaonik, Serbia has come to an end after four valid tasks.
Ozone R&D pilot, Honorin Hamard reports:

“The PWC in Serbia has finished with a really good score for the Ozone team, 1st place with Honorin Hamard, Stéphane Poulaine, Julien Wirtz and Meryl Delferriere .Eight Enzo 3s in the top 10, with 2 on the main podium with Julien Wirtz second and Honorin Hamard third.

One full Ozone girls podium with Marcella Uchoa in first followed by Méryl Delferrière in second and Constance Mettetal in third.4 very difficult tasks, not so many pilots in goal, amazing views on the plateau to go to A11 which was our 2 last tasks goal…

It was great to share with all the pilots a good race like this one, especially in these times. We played football together and fought for the thermals !”

For Full results go to: https://pwca.org/…/2021-world-cup-serbia-2021…/results

Congrats to all the pilots and cheers from the Ozone Team.

Next PWC stop: Disentis, SwitzerlandStay tuned!

Images courtesy of www.PWCA.org

Red Bull X-Alps 2021

The toughest adventure race on earth has come to an end. Athletes battled their way from Salzburg, Austria to Mt Blanc, France, and back to Zell am See, Austria, via 12 turn points in five countries.

At 1,238 km, it was the longest race in the X-Alps‘ history.

Ozone would like to congratulate all of the athletes who trained and committed to this grueling adventure, and a huge thanks to the pilots who chose Ozone for it. It was an honor for us to support Yael Margelisch , Laurie Genovese , Benoit Outters , Maxime Pinot , Michael Gierlach, and Cody Mittanck .

Images courtesy of Red Bull X-Alps

For more visit www.redbullxalps.com

Good luck to our X-Alps athletes!

The tenth edition of the Red Bull X-Alps begins on June 20th, in Salzburg Austria.

Ozone is proud to support the following athletes with what we think is the most cutting edge, and definitely the lightest, equipment in the race: Benoit Outters, Laurie Génovese, Yael Margelisch, Maxime Pinot, Michael Gierlach, and Cody Mittanck. 

Some of these pilots will be flying the Zeolite XD, which weighs in at an incredible 2450 grams. The F*Race harness weighs just 1100 grams, and the Ozone Angel SQ comes in at just 870 grams. In all, the full kit weighs less than 5kg which will be an essential advantage during the inevitable, and arduous, running portions of the race.

Here’s a few more details on the Zeolite XD from the Ozone R&D team:

“The idea for this wing was to use the tried and tested Zeolite as a basis to test new ultralight materials for the top and bottom surface.

The internal structure (ribs and diagnoals) remains unchanged. For the top surface, we used a new fabric developed by Porcher Sport, the Skytex21. It is based on very fine 6.6 nylon weave and still offers respectable characteristics with regards to breaking load and deformation.

The bottom surface is made with one of the lightest materials available, a PU/Dyneema composite from DSM. It weighs an impressive 13g/m² and still has more than enough strength and stability for the lower surface of a wing, as long as the load on the anchor points is correctly distributed.

We first carried out many structural, ageing and dimensional stability tests. We also tried various sowing and glueing techniques and developed a specific manufacturing process for the gliders. The certification procedure, both for load- and flight tests, went very well especially given the tight deadlines.

Benoît Outters helped us for the final set-up of the wing and Maxime Pinot demonstrated that it does the job by winning the Bornes to Fly race with it. The formidable arena of the X-Alps is our next testing ground with flights in all possible conditions.”

Due to the very high cost of the materials and the complexity of the manufacturing process, the Zeolite XD in its present form will not be available on the market. However, we will use it a basis for future developments as we continue with our research efforts into ultralight equipment.

We wish all of the athletes in the race a safe event!

Cheers from all the Ozone Team


To get the season off to a flying start the Paragliding World Cup will be returning to Gemona in north eastern Italy. Gemona is literally where the plains meet the Alps.

This gives a great mix of truly alpine flying, along ridges and over high pastures, combined with the possibility of turn points and racing out in the flats.The picturesque old town of Gemona is a favourite location with the World Cup, having been a venue in 2016 and 2018, so we are absolutely delighted to be able to keep a promise to reschedule the postponed 2020 event.

This event has an extremely high competitor level. A letter A or B was required for automatic selection, equivalent to a top 20 place in the Super Final! Competing in this all-star event are World/European and Super Final champions along with thirteen pilots who have won a World Cup and eight ladies who have already been on the top spot on the lady’s podium.

Despite the difficult times recently, the World Cup are delighted to welcome a new partner to our flying family: The Chinese Taipei Gliding Sports Association.With a record number of World Cup partners, twenty-three in total, each fielding a team, the team event will be tougher than ever before.

Ozone glider’s team reflects the wealth of experience of Ozone technology along with a fresh new look to the future.

We hope that you will enjoy following Gemona 2021 on the new website at pwca.org and on the live app at http://live.pwca.org/app.Photos and text courtesy of PWCA


The 3rd Ozone Krushevo Open will take place from September 04-10, 2021. This competition is designed in the spirit and model of the Legendary Ozone Chabre Open, a stress-free paragliding cross-country competition with an emphasis on fun and learning through in-depth XC coaching and setting achievable tasks.

This event, like the Chabre, is aimed primarily at pilots with some XC experience, who want to get more into competition or further hone their XC skills. Daily briefings and de-briefings by Jocky Sanderson set the stage for a week of intense learning in a perfect location for fun XC flying.

Classes include Fun, Recreation, and Sport, which are governed by your wing’s aspect ratio. There is also a Rookie, and Women’s class.

The Krushevo region has a long history of successful competition tasks. Early September is ideal for XC flying weather, and the history of the location suggests that many kilometers will be flown – join us!

Registration is open now at: krusevoadventure.com

Photo courtesy of Xevi Bonet


We are delighted to announce that Ozone will be taking part in this year’s RB X-Alps with a strong team and exciting product line-up.

Our pilots for the 2021 Redbull X-Alps are:

Maxime PINOT

Our Zeolite proved the perfect wing in the 2019 race and took 2nd and 3rd place. This year, four of our pilots will be flying a new version of this glider, the ZeoliteXD. Thanks to a mix of high tech materials never used in a paraglider before, this wing weighs an astonishing 2.45kg!

The ZeoliteXD has been fully re-certified and load tested, but due to the specific nature and high cost of the materials it will not be available commercially. It is a “concept wing” to explore possibilities for the future.

The large weight savings made possible by this technology mean that the total Ozone pack is only 5.1kg on the scales – including the ZeoliteXD, the F*Race harness, the Angel SQPro reserve and a new rucksack. As we always say “light is right” and once again Ozone is leading the way.

We look forward to an exciting race!

Images: Ozone’s Red Bull X-Alps Athletes Photos courtesy of Red Bull X-Alps / Red Bull Content pool.

2021오존CHABRE 오픈 행사 취소

조직위원회의 안내사항입니다: 

프랑스가 지금 막 세 번째 봉쇄 기간을 시작했지만 유럽 전역의 백신 출시가 실망스럽게 느리다는 사실을 알고 계실 것입니다. FFVL은 현재 대회를 일시적으로 금지하고 있으며, 전 세계적으로 여행 제한이 어떻게 완화될지는 아직 불분명합니다.

요컨대, 코비드 유행병의 진화를 둘러싼 불확실성이 너무 많아 chabre Vol Libre 팀은 어쩔 수 없이 오존 Chabre Open의 제15회 에디션을 2022년까지 연기하기로 결정했습니다. 이벤트를 전통적인 방식으로 진행하는 것이 우리의 의도입니다. 2022년 6월 25일부터 7월 1일까지 행사를 진행할 계획입니다.

자세한 사항은 이곳을 방문해 주세요: www.flylaragne.com

2021 일본 첫 리그전에서 장거리 일본 신기록 수립!

2021 패러글라이딩 일본 첫 리그가 거의 마무리되어 가고 있습니다.

우리의 친구 오카 요시키( Yoshiki Oka ) 선수의 리포트입니다: 

“지난 주말 일본 아시오에서 열린 일본 리그 1차전 대회가 시작되었습니다. 그리고 일본 패러글라이딩 대회 역사상 가장 긴 거리인 179km라는 놀라운 타스크가 성립되었니다.

선수 60명 중 14명이 골에 도착했습니다.

그들 모두는 개인적으로 가장 긴 비행기록을 수립한 것입니다. 게다가 여자 준우승자인 미도리 나카노메(제노로 비행)는 골에 도착한 뒤 비행을 연장하여 총 204.1km를 더 날아 착륙했으며, 이 기록은 일본에서 패러글라이더로 가장 긴 거리 비행이라는 놀라운 역사를 남겼습니다.”

전체 우승 요시아키 히로카와( Yoshiaki HIROKAWA)(엔조 3)
2위 : 디이고 ARAI ( Daigo ARAI)
3위 : 키요시 나리야마 (Kiyoshi  NARIYAMA)(엔조 3)

여자부 우승 : 히라키 게이코 (Keiko HIRAKI)(엔조 3)
2위 : 미도리 나카노메(Midori NAKANOME)(제노)
3위 : 나오 나리야마 (Nao  NARIYAMA)(제노)    

우승을 진심으로 축하드립니다.

사진 제공 : Midori NAKANOME / Yoshiki Oka