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July 2, 2019

The 14th Ozone Chabre Open has begun! 

Task setting, briefings and de-briefings are being led by the inimitable Jocky Sanderson. Jocky’s skill and experience in cross country flying, SIV, safety and training, his enthusiasm to help pilots improve and his animated briefings and de-briefings truly make the competition the best learning environment for any budding competition pilot and even for experienced XC pilots.  Plus, he provides great entertainment for everybody.  

The Ozone Chabre Open has always been a Serial Class event. This year the organization is going one stage further, restricting the competition to Sport Class and below. No EN-D class gliders allowed!  Pilots will still be scored by class.  There will be prizes for winners in each glider category: Fun, Recreation, and Sport, determined by aspect ratio and certification, plus prizes for the girlies and rookies. 

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Photos Courtesy of Martijn van Dijk