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Confusing Sports / Combining Sports… Freefall with the Bullet!

April 13, 2007

Ozone Team Pilot, Mike Steen, has managed to cram his Bullet into a skydiving rig, and add a slider and pilot chute system to extract it from freefall. Many of you will remember Jimmy Hall’s exploits with the Vulcan, which he jumped out of an airplane in Hawaii many times successfully. Working from a similar concept, Mike has made several jumps with the Bullet, which he says he prefers to his skydiving canopy due to the awesome handling and energy retention for swooping.

This project proves beyond a doubt the high strength and durability of the Bullet.

Development of our next speedflying wing, which will be available in late 2007 in addition to the Bullet, is currently underway. We’re excited about the new prototypes, and will post more news soon…

To see video, click here: