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September 24, 2018

The 45th edition of the Coupe Icare was, as always, an exciting amalgam of industry news, old friends and new, and swarms of flying humans, all joined together in the beautiful village of St Hilaire du Touvet, France.

This year we announced several new products that will be arriving in 2019:

Swift 5
Lightweight Sport-Intermediate Performance
The Swift 5 takes all of the performance of the Rush 5, transformed into a technologically advanced lightweight form. The lighter sail elevates the Swift 5 in the class, yielding higher overall performance with crisper and more agile handling thanks to reduced sail inertia.

Mantra M7
The Next Generation of Ultimate 3-Liner
The M7 is based on the now legendary ZENO, but with a reduced aspect ratio of 6.5. Compared to the ZENO, it is less demanding in strong air and more cohesive in turbulence. Certified EN D because of the use of collapse lines for testing, the M7’s character is more similar to the class below. It is a truly comfortable high performance wing. In Russ’s words: “It is literally the best handling wing I have ever flown. The feel through the brakes is close to perfect, with precise and agile handling.”

The World’s Lightest Aircraft
The new XXLite2 is the latest generation of the groundbreaking single surface wing, innovated by Ozone. The complete package forms the world’s lightest aircraft, with the wing, plus B*Lite rucksack and F*Lite harness coming in at just 1.5 kg in total!!!

The Professional Choice
The new Mag3 is lighter and more durable. You read that correctly – by optimizing internal construction and choosing the perfect blend of materials, we have managed to both decrease sail weight and increase overall lifespan, thus reducing the cost-per-flight for professional pilots. The Mag3 is a totally new design, with vastly improved flare performance and handling in flight. If you are a pro, this wing delivers the best value on your back and in the air.

Oxygen2+ harness
All New for 2019
Totally revised for 2019, the O2+ is an even better option for schools and new graduates who are looking for a sleek and simple harness for their early progression. With updated features including radio pockets, color coded harness webbing, and a revised reserve compartment, the O2+ is the perfect option for paragliding schools.

Quest harness
Start Your Adventure
This is the harness with which to begin your Quest. Lightweight, sleek, and compact, the Quest is an aerodynamic option for beginner-intermediates and up. Expert pilots who want to fly with their knees in the breeze will love the structure and feedback provided by this stable yet responsive new design.

Shield Helmet
Modern Lightweight Protection
A totally new design in an even lighter high-tech shell, the Shield provides EN certified protection with open face visibility and comfort. Designed for pilots of all abilities for all facets of our sport, the Shield is a stylish and versatile piece of mandatory equipment.

All New Rucksack
Improved Comfort & Functionality
Our rucksack range is evolving along with the Ozone harness range, thanks to the addition of Sam Jobard (formerly of Sup’Air). Sam’s efforts on the new rucksack have resulted in a more comfortable and easier to carry pack, with much improved storage options.