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February 22, 2018

We just received the latest update from Antoine Girard and Martin Beaujouan. The guys have flown above untouched Andean terrain to continue with their 2500km South American bivouac flight.

Antoine reports:

“We have just achieved 800km of fly-biv in the Andes. 650km of which were never flown before. We crossed through passes higher than 4000m.
Our highest cloudbase was 5200m, at a temperature of -3°C. Flying conditions are hard with stability in the morning, very strong valley wind (50kmh) as high as 1500m from the ground.
The most complicated was the water management in this desert. We had to bring 10 lt of water each to survive 3 days. Stunning flights in moon like landscape. It was a total success for this exploration.

We are now on the Pacific coast to fly the next 1000km of dunes in fly-biv. It has been done once before. Exploration will be on again on the north of Arica.”

Follow Antoine and Martin’s progress along their South American bivouac flight HERE.