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Stefano and Emi Set New Tandem Distance Record in New Zealand.

February 11, 2018

Stefano Gigli came to New Zealand five years ago. His first stop was Raglan, where he immediately fell in love with the Kiwi lifestyle. Since that first visit, Stefano has called New Zealand home. Last summer he began flying the Swift 41 and noticed its XC potential right away, which inspired him to go for distance in New Zealand.

Ozone Power manager, Emilia Plak, is a regular visitor to New Zealand, and when she returned this year Stefano immediately scooped her up as his passenger and set off into no-man’s-land. Stefano and Emi took off from Wanaka and flew what could be the longest tandem flight ever achieved in New Zealand.

In Stefano’s words:

“The valley breezes and the sea breezes from the east and west characterize this southern region and it is not always easy to make good flights or get to goal. The weather changes constantly and when you fly you must always keep in mind the possibility of bivouacking somewhere. Last December we had four days of wonderful weather to fly and we had a lot of fun. With the SwiftMax we were able to increase the average speed in the transitions and its glide performance allowed us to make efficient transitions.
When piloting the Swiftmax, it feels as if you are piloting a sport-intermediate wing – it gives you the same feelings and the same XC confidence. It’s really precise in the controls and climbs fast in thermals. Tandem flying for me is the maximum realization of sharing this wonderful sport. Our Last XC tandem flight could be a new FAI triangle tandem record (75.53 Km)”

For Stefano and Emi’s track click here.

Congrats and cheers from the Ozone team!