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Return to the nest

September 27, 2017

Nick Neynens returns to the place where he found his wings, only to discover a “Lost World”. In his words:

“I learnt to fly in Canungra ten years ago. I’ve been spoilt since then with big mountains in New Zealand and around the world, but lately I’ve been hearing about the great flying going on in Australia, with Jan ripping it up in his new Zeno flying “around the world”, a route around prehistoric ridges covered in jungle. So I got away from work between shifts. On the last day the weather was the best, and I had a big triangle in mind after trying something similar the day before. My mate Andy arrived an hour late so I got flying early – no friends on a day like this – and nearly bombed out. Typical Canungra! But I got going into the good stuff and followed an amazing ridge – the caldera – 40km to the south. From here I turned back into the guts before crossing to the west, pushing out for a 100km FAI triangle, and then without wasting any time pushing back home. Andy had flown south to Kyogle and asked me to pick up his van, so he could pick up his daughter from kindy in time.. I was also concerned about getting back to the airport! With a 20km/h headwind I scraped back into Beechmont at 2:37pm, packed my wing at xalps speed with a quick hello to my old friends on launch (including Phil who I learnt with) and raced off to get Andy with fifteen minutes to spare to pick up burgers and a beer. The same night I was flying back to Sydney ready for my early morning start at work. Great little trip, and I can’t believe how little this area is flown.. everyone seems to do the run of the mill “Hinchies, chicken sheds, Beau-ee, Boonah T”, when this epic “Lost World” is just waiting for the adventurous to visit”