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July 18, 2017

After ten valid tasks, the 15th FAI Paragliding World Championships in Monteavena, Italy, are a wrap.

The new world champion is Pierre Remi, of France. Silver goes to Guy Anderson of Great Britain, and two bronze medals were awarded to Ozone Team pilot and former world champion, Honorin Hamard (FRA), and to Jurij Vidic (SLO).
Ozone team pilot, Seiko Fukuoka Naville (FRA) retained her crown and is world champion for a second time. Kari Ellis, of Australia, and Silvia Buzzi Ferraris of Italy, joined her on the podium. Both podiums and ten out of the top ten pilots were all flying Ozone.

A few of our team members report on the race:

Honorin Hamard, defending Champion:

“Such a nice comp! Ten difficult tasks where you must use all your skills to have a chance to lead the comp. Thanks to all pilots for this race.The organization was amazing, a lot of pilots in the streets for the starting and closing ceremony, I never saw that in Europe before.
One big turnover until the last task for the lead, very exciting and finally, Pierre Remy was the king of this comp with a good move on the last task. For me, I defended my first place until the end and I’m happy to pass it to Pierre and to share the third place with Jurij Vidic”

Luc Armant, France. 6th Overall:

“It was a long and intense championship, flown in changing and sometimes tricky conditions. I don’t think that there have been a championship in the Alps with some many tasks in the past. The winners needed to apply all their talents and to fly an Enzo3 !”

Hernan Pitocco, Argentina. Winner of task 9 and 13th overall:

“Great experience flying with many of the best pilots in the world during 11 Tasks and 10 validated! We usually flew with low ceilings, fairly humid and fast cloud formation, often with risk of overdevelopment and the possibility of rainfall, in fact 2 tasks were stopped and one canceled for this reason, several Start points were really crazy with 150 pilots trying to climb the last meter possible, turning between clouds and walls
On several occasions the conditions were complicated as in 3 opportunities where groups of 100 or 120 pilots were suddenly landed in a valley and only a small group could survive to continue in the race! Sometimes the walls did not work as expected, leaving many pilots dragged and favoring those who where in the back with a better view of what was happening, no doubt the winners have well deserved the victory because they have been able to overcome most of those difficulties .
Finally, I was amazed by the development of the wings we flew, I received my Enzo3 15 days before the Championship, I was able to adapt in the first flight without problems since the wing is even easier to fly than its predecessor. I flew in 6 tasks of the pwc of Serbia and 11 of the worlds, we accelerate in turbulence and many times to 100% I never had a massive collapse or even an asymmetric, just some small wing tip flap”

Seiko Fukuoka Naville, France. The undisputed champion:

“It was one of the hardest competition in my life… when I landed after the last task , I felt like I was in paradise!”

For full results, Click here

Congrats to all the pilots and cheers from all the team at OZONE.