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ULTRALITE 23m – the world’s lightest Paraglider

January 17, 2007

The Ultralite 23 is now available for order, and the 25m will be available in the next few days. The 23m has a certified weight range of 55-90kg, and the 25m is 65-105kg. Remember that when you are calculating your in-flight weight, you only need to add a few kilograms for your equipment, not the standard 20kg. For instance, the Ultralite 23m and the Ozone Oxygen1 harness combination weighs just 4.1kg! So you would only add 4.1kg (and any other incidental flight equipment such as instruments etc) to your body weight to calculate your new, ‘Ultralite” in-flight weight.

We think the new Ultralite and Oxygen1 combination will set the standard for lightweight harness / wing combinations, due to their light weight and comfort. The flying characteristics of the Ultralite wing make it simple and easy to launch / land / fly in difficult alpine conditions, and the Oxygen1 harness is fully padded for comfort, with slim automatic buckles and plenty of back-storage. Stay tuned for more info and photos.