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Claire & Zebulon Rocher Vol Bivouc from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean.

October 5, 2005

Claire and Zeb, who have climbed and flown from every one of the 7 summits including Everest, recently returned from an impressive vol bivouac flight across the pyrenees from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean coasts.

They walked about 600km of the trail because record rainfall and high winds blessed most of their trip, but despite the weather they still managed to fly almost 250km with their GEOs ! They documented their travels on film and video, and their adventure will air on the Spanish Television show, `Al Filo de Impossible`.

They spent an impressive 22 days on the trail, the entire time either carrying their GEOs, or being carried by their GEOs in flight, and they report that the GEO performed well in a variety of conditions and was of course a pleasure to carry.