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On Saturday the 4th December, Ozone Team pilot Hernan Pitocco and our friend Marcos Rosenkjer set a new Argentinian Record, flying a 217.9 Km FAI triangle in  Patagonia.

Hernan reports: 

Tuesday November 30th I received an audio from Manu Canale informing me that there were two good flying days coming ahead in the Bariloche-Bolson area: December 4 and 5th. 

I´d already asked Manu to keep me posted as soon as he detected a good flying window in the complicated meteorology of the place. Flying days do not abound in Patagonia, but when they happen, it is one of the most amazing places that I have ever flown. Asap, I spread the good news in one of the WhatsApp groups that I share with friends interested in doing triangles or vivac in that particular area.  

There was no time to lose because Patagonia is quite far from where I live, 1700 km South of La Cumbre. Meanwhile, the only pilot from the group able to cut himself loose from his obligations and be ready like a soldier for the adventure in such short notice was Justo Firpo. The same day he confirmed, we purchased the air tickets Buenos Aires-Bariloche in the only flight available. I still had to figure out how to do the 800 km that separate my house in Cordoba from the airport in Buenos Aires. Since there were no seats in the only Cordoba-Buenos Aires flight, I had no other option but to hop on a bus. I traveled all night and arrived the next day in the morning. Finally, as I was boarding the flight, I wondered if all the hassle would be worth it.  

We arrived to Bariloche Friday December 3rd in the afternoon. We were welcomed with a great vibe by Leonel who also accommodated us in one of his apartments. To our surprise, he also pulled out a huge vinyl printed map of the area. Immediately, we stretched it on the floor and started brainstorming our flight! 

Then came Hernán Dilonenzo and a bit later Ernesto Gutierrez, two old wolves of the air from Bariloche with ample experience in the area, and they finished frying our brains out with all the info of the place! We had skipped lunch, it was getting late and we were quite worn out by the long trip so we went for a bite to the first place we found a couple of blocks away from where we were staying. We came back, left all our gear ready for the next day and finally went to sleep.

The alarm went off loud and clear 6 am that Saturday…Marcos Rosenkjer came to pick us up in his car and drove us to the base of the Cerro Catedral. The three of us trekked uphill for about half an hour with our backpacks to more or less half the height of the mountain. The idea was taking off as soon as the condition allowed it but it was mild, too mild, there was no sign of activity whatsoever, not even a single light breeze. It was like the air had altogether vanished. We watched a group of young pilots starting to take-off below us but no, nothing was going on. 

At around 11 am, the day seemed to get started. As soon as we were ready, we took off. It was 11 30 and the condition was good but the roof was still low and the thermal quite mild. We made good use of it and gradually began to ascend until we were mounted on the higher peaks behind, moving up with the topography.

We made one pass over the astounding needles that give the Cathedral Mountain its name. Then, we transitioned to the next mountain. The adventure had begun! There we were, Justo, Marcos and I, flying together as a team. The 3 of us were quite prudent at first but soon we started getting loose, together with our understanding of how the thermals worked. More or less, everything seemed to work. That is, were we looked, we found. Though nothing was very potent and we were always left with a final altitude between 2300 and 2700 meters. 

We started making our way ahead jumping from one mountain to the next. The valleys are very narrow, many of which have no access at all. We had to be careful to not be too low in any of them. They can be hard to escape.  

After three hours and forty five minutes, having passed an area of flight of unbelievable beauty that is also quite wild, we reached our first turning point. It was the farthest South we got in our route. We were over the Puelo Lake, in the watershed international border line. In fact, in those final kilometers before heading Northeast, we even crossed the border to Chile for couple of meters. That was a critical point in our flight. We were too low and were forced to drag ourselves across the Bolson Valley that is very wide in that part. That´s when we lost contact with Justo, who was a bit low over a hill trying to climb up again. 

Meanwhile, Marcos and I managed to reach the Southern tip of the Piltriquitrón Mountain, where we caught some nice bombs but they didn´t take us high enough. That rocky section of the Piltriquitrón was also the most turbulent part of the flight. I could see Marcos´ wing moving and feel mine, that´s when you are happy to be onboard such a safe paraglider as the Ozone Zeolite!    

From the mountains to the steppe, but first, we had to cross an area of almost unknown peaks. As far as I know, Marki Green is the person who most adventured himself into that area. Nevertheless, our route was way farther to the East than that.  

The topography had changed. The ground was becoming more and more arid, in all shades of brownish colors. Again I thought that being low and having to land anywhere in that section would be complicated. This was a recurring thought that I had. The best option, if worse came to worse, would be to spend the night in some hilltop and take off the next day. I was going over that thought, when all of the sudden, right when we thought that Justo had already landed in Bolson, we heard Justo´s voice on the VHF radio informing us that he was low in a complicated area and he was going to land. Immediately, we made sure to squeeze every drop of thermal we had to secure our height. It was getting late. The only indication that could lead us to close our triangle was a single line of clouds formed by a convergence that was even farther to the East than us. We rowed and rowed our boats until we finally reached it! That was where Windy had forecasted a 4300 m roof and so it was. We had reached that super roof at last! 

The temperature had dropped considerably. You could feel it in the hands, the nose and the forehead. But who cares! We just stepped on the speedbar and glided the straight 35 km line of pure bliss we had earned ourselves on that highway. A highway with awesome landscapes in the golden afternoon light. When we got off that street and looked back, we saw the clouds starting to dissolve. We had crossed in the brink of time!    

One final glide from an altitude of 4000 meters, where we could barely scratch the very last bubbles of the day and it was over. We landed on a nice set of fields with horses, a few kilometers South of the Nahuel Huapi lake. Before we could unbuckle ourselves from the harness, there was already an unknown pick-up truck waiting for us. Who immediately drove us back to town! 

For Marcos´ surprise, we had marked a new Argentine FAI record triangle! 

Justo´s story is worthy of a complete separate chapter. He spent the night in his sleeping bag on a hilltop, next to a lake, under a starlit sky. He admitted to hear feral sounds that night, and that in three opportunities, he turned his head hoping it wasn´t a puma! 

He managed to take off the next day and fly to an Estancia that happened to be owned by a Qatar prince. So the employees were ready to inform him that he could not be there and kindly helped him find a ride out, back to Bariloche with a Swiss guy who´s been living in Argentina for years buying sheep from all over Patagonia.  

Our buddy finally made it to Bariloche the next day at around 10 30 pm, with an interesting sheep stench. We got together in a bar to celebrate. We shared our experiences, ate and like it should, cheered with a well-deserved Patagonian draft beer”

To see Marco’s track click HERE 

 Congrats and cheers from all the team at OZONE!

MONARCA EXPEDITION: World Record Vol-Bivouac Flight

Ben Jordan crosses USA with massive 2,835 km vol-bivouac expedition.

Inspired by the incredible migration of the Monarch butterfly, over the spring and summer of 2020, Ozone Team Pilot Benjamin Jordan became the first person to paraglide from Mexico to Canada, setting a new Vol-Biv World Distance Record (2835 KM) and completing the first ever un-powered paraglider journey across the United States.

From the scorched earth of southern Arizona, across the red rocks of Utah, above the towering peaks of Idaho and along the endless rockies of Montana, Jordan dedicated 150 unforgettable days to the completion of this extraordinary vision.

Monarchs are the world’s furthest migrating butterfly. Over four generations, they fly all the way from Mexico to Canada and back, completing the 7000 km round-trip each year. Exactly how they manage to find the exact same overwintering site that their ancestors overwintered on the previous year, remains a mystery to scientists to this very day.

Just like the Monarch, Benjamin’s remarkable journey was completed without using fuel or power of any kind, but by simply relying on his glider and understanding of the natural world.

For more on Ben’s adventure, follow us on Facebook and Instagram .

For track logs visit: www.monarcaexpedition.com

Congrats Ben and Cheers from all the OZONE team!





ラゴアノヴァに到着する前に、ハードランディングした場合に驚くようなことが起きないように、振り子運動を起こしてチェイスカムをつかむ必要がありました。ラインをカットしてマウントをハーネスの中にしまいました。滑走路に到達したとき対地高度は250mで安全にランディングできるところを探しました。 しかし人生は時折予期しない驚きをもたらします。強いサイクルがそのまま雲底まで運んでくれ、私の考えはすっかり変わりました。できるだけ遠くに飛び、最終的に宣言ゴールの記録を破ることにしました。



午後遅く、すでに疲れてくるとチームフライトが違いを生みます。特に空がブルーの時には。最後の2時間でいくつかのミスを犯し貴重なキロメーターを無駄にしてしまいました。しかしながら、530kmを宣言して飛行し、最終的に555kmに到達し、セアラの中心部の汚れた道路に着陸してなんとか宣言ゴールによる直線距離の世界記録を破ることが出来ました。現時点での記録は2019年にギ・アンダーソンとハリー・ブロクサムによる510.8kmです。FAIが 承認するかどうか見てみましょう。

確かに、それは私が人生で一人で経験した中で最高のパラグライダー体験でした。本当にうれしいです!!!555kmはパラグライディングの歴史で3番目に長いフライトです。現在の直線飛行世界記録は582km(トーイングによる)で2番目は564km(足で離陸)です。両方とも我々のチームによるもので 、それらの仲間になれることを私は本当に本当に本当に感謝しかつ光栄に思っています。」




Cross Country Magazineの編集長であるエド・アーウイングとのインタビューをお楽しみください。下の写真をクリック。








現在に戻ると、私は火が付き準備が出来ています!必要書類をFAIに送信し、GPSでタスクを設定し、準備万端、バラストをいっぱいにし、エンツオ3とエグゾシートはいつでも飛び立てます!オーストラリア、テキサス、ブラジルでのいくつかの記録挑戦を経験しているので、この記録挑戦のルーチーンには慣れており、ホームではいたって簡単でした!テイクオフ、崖近辺の最初のサーマル、ちょっと計画には強いかも、北東10~15km/h、リフト3~4m/s。気にしないで、この競技場で何ができるかやってみよう!特に対地300~400mでフライトしていたにせよ、リッジ上でサーマルとアゲインストに向かってBライザーとアクセルを多用しなければならないかなり厳しいコンディションでした。私はこの日のタスクの正しい対処法を持ち、そのような挑戦に立ち向かう準備ができていました! 一線を越えて結果を確認するのはとてもいい気分です!スピード新記録…







Caio Henrique Buzzarello has set a new record flying his Enzo 3 in the South of Brazil.

He shares:

“Montes Claros – Minas Gerais is the man stage at the moment for the biggest flights in Brazil! A privileged region with great potential for flights over 350 km and an incredible flight average.

We just caught a beautiful day, blue sky, where the convergence lines ended up being the best options for lift.

It took us 7h and 48 minutes, for 352.2 km of distance, establishing the new record of Mineiro and the center-south of Brazil!

Add to this flight my companions and friends, and it will stay in memory forever!”

For the flight track, Click HERE. 

Congrats and cheers from All the Ozone Team.

Photos courtesy of Caio Buzzarello


Cousins Horacio Llorens and Felix Rodriguez Fernandez have just landed from a week long bivy mission in Spain.

On Saturday, June 27th, after spending a full day on the ground due to strong winds, they launched from Alanos and flew 227 km to set a new Pyrenees distance record.

In their words:

“Our goal was simply to enjoy the beautiful Pyrenees, and fly as a team. During the first three days we flew 180 km to the west, where the crest of the Pyrenees ends.

On the fourth day, we were forced to take the day off due to strong wind. The big surprise came on day five when, with decent conditions (nothing special), we were able to fly 227 km for a new distance record in the Pyrenees… we flew back to the east following the predominant wind flow and in a single day we surpassed the full route of the first three days. It was UNREAL!!!!

After that incredible flight, conditions deteriorated. So we decided to stop for now and put our energy into our next vol-bivouac mission. Stay tuned to find out where and when this will be!”

Horacio was flying his Zeolite and Felix his Z-Alps. Both of them flew with the Ozium 2.

For flight track Click HERE

Congrats guys for such a great adventure and a new record for the family!

Cheers from the all the Ozone team.


Congrats to Sebastien Kayrouz, who set a new US Paragliding record in Texas flying his Mantra 7. On June 7th, Sebastien launched from a small hill near Camp Wood and flew a straight-line distance of 503 km.

He flew for 9 hours 45 minutes with an average speed of 52.5 kmh and a maximum altitude of 2,707 m. This might be the longest flight ever done on a 3-liner.

Previous to Sebastien’s flight, the longest paragliding flight in the US was 463km, set by Ozone R&D team member Luc Armant on 2 July 2014.

Sebastien sent us this message after his flight:

“The strong wind made the conditions challenging but the M7 took on everything the day threw at us like a champ and delivered when I needed it to deliver. I loved the M7 before, and I love it even more now. Thank you Ozone.”

Amazing flight Sebastien! Cheers from all the Ozone Team.

For flight track Click HERE


On May 6th, Gillis Bengtsson set a new Swedish distance record on his ZENO. He took off from Ålleberg, a small mountain (90 m) in the Swedish flatlands. He landed, after 6 hours, close to the city of Kalmar.

Gillis is one of the most active paragliding pilots in Sweden. In his early paragliding career he practiced a lot of ground handling and soared a lot on small slopes and even castles. 

He has been focused on distance flying for the last few years, and it’s great to see that all his earlier practice and consistency is now paying off.

Congrats and cheers from all the Ozone Team!

For the flight track-log click here

Brigitte Kurbel sets new world record

Brigitte Kurbel (GER) set a new women’s world record in Free Distance around a triangle course on her Zeno.   After a long walk to launch in Grente (ITA), she spent more than 11 hours in the air to achieve an amazing 269 Km flight. For the flight track, click here. 

Brigitte flew six triangles this year, making her the winner of the World XC contest 2019 (women). She flew her Zeno for all but one, for which she piloted the new M7 for a “test-flight” of 231.44 km.

Ramona Eckert (GER) placed second in the XC contest flying her Alpina 3. In Third place was Gabriela Jacober-Wüest (CH) on her Swift 5.

Congrats, and cheers from all the Ozone Team. Thanks for flying OZONE