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Bob and Marcus back from India

novembre 23, 2004

Bob Drury and Marcus King have returned from their trip to India with some exciting tales, mainly involving riding Enfields and Delhi traffic. Bob along with Ulric Jessop returned to Kaylong for some full on Himalayan flying. He took along a new Rush and was super happy with its Vulcan like handling and performance combined with the reassurance of DHV1-2 safety, exactly what was needed flying in that awesome terrain. We’ve got the first few photos from the trip, look out for more here and in the free flying press.

Marcus headed to the tamer flying of Bir and Billing. Although the flying is more reminiscent of the conditions you find in Annecy safety is still important as there are no medical/rescue services. Marcus took the new Geo along with a light weight harness from SupAir. This combination enabled him to save over 10kg on his normal kit, making travelling around on the bike and walking out a whole lot more pleasant. As for performance he reported back that the kit was well up to it and enabled him to do some very nice flights with a couple of 70km out and returns proving this isn’t just a descent glider.