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Mike Cav`s Big Weekend!

ottobre 27, 2004

I’m not sure where the summer went this year, my air-time has taken a bit of a dive recently. However a few weeks ago I escaped the office, to try the new Geo! Dav & the team had been making so much noise about it, that I had to try it myself.

Day one at Greolieres, day two at Col de Bleyne, what a top-weekend, superb for trying the new toy. Both days saw the Geo and I up at nearly 3000m admiring the stunning views and enjoying the amazing space above the mountains. Definitely a big-grin weekend as I hope some of the photos might show. Oh and I have to say the new Geo, our soon to be launched lightweight glider, was fantastic, great speed and glide that would have left me smiling even without the massive altitude gain!