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The Mantra in competition

luglio 4, 2006

The Mantra R Open Class Competition wing is being flown by a select team of pilots around the world. In the past few weeks the Mantra R has won tasks in Spain (flown by Guillermo de Armas), in the French Alps (flown by Jerome Canaud), and in Japan (where the Mantra R is currently in 1st place, leading the Japanese National ranking). The Mantra R will continue to compete at Open Class events and in the PWC this year and Ozone will continue to develop new prototypes as we gain feedback from our team. Currently the reports suggest that the performance of the Mantra R is at the highest level for speed and glide, and what sets it apart from the other comp wings is its high stability in accelerated flight.

The Ozone Team sends Russell Ogden our best- Russ is currently at the European Open Championships in Morzine Avoriaz, where he is flying the latest prototype of the Mantra R.

The serial Mantra (DHV 2-3) is also still doing well on the comp scene- last week Alex Coltman won the first task of the British Open in Wales flying his new serial Ozone Mantra against the Open Class comp wings. Alex finished 5th overall and professed to being very happy with the performance and feeling of the wing – he says it is brilliant for finding the thermals!