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MAGNUM Tandem Certfied and ready to order!

gennaio 13, 2006

The Professional Choice: The Magnum is a completely new tandem wing designed for professional tandem pilots, is strong and versatile enough for any professional tandem pilot, and excels in all conditions.

We tested this new wing in a wide variety of sites to be sure that it can handle every type of flying. It launches easily in no wind, and comes up smoothly in high wind. In flight, it is pitch and roll stable for a smooth ride, and features trademark Ozone handling for precise and dynamic piloting.

Fewer diagonals and more attachment points distribute the load across the canopy more smoothly. An aspect ratio of 5.11 and 46 cells were chosen for a clean sail design and efficient performance, while still retaining benign launch characteristics and a lightweight sail design. The Magnum`s profile is a new design that was created specifically for the needs of a tandem glider. Its planform and sail tension have also been created specially for comfortable brake pressure, easy launches, and performance.

The Magnum is all Porcher Marine, with the new Porcher Skytex 45 Evolution on the topsail. This new material is extremely durable and stretch resistant, which creates a more precise feeling in flight and ensures that the glider will last for hundreds of hours.

Weight 130-220kg 46 cells, 41m and AR=5.11 flat, 35m and AR=3.7 projected. ~8.5 kg.