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Addict S, M, L, XL, and Addict R certified and available for order!

gennaio 5, 2006

The Addict is now available in S, M, L, and XL, and also in the thin line version, the Addict R.

The Addict R is the same solid DHV 2 XC machine as the normal Addict, but with thin lines. The thin lines have affected the gliders glide performance in turbulent air and particularly its handling, which is more direct, energetic, and precise than the normal Addict. Pilots will notice a slightly quicker turn and a more dynamic feel to the wing. Also, the Addict R tends to cut into the bumps better and there is a noticeable glide difference in headwinds and active air. The Liros DC60 upper lines reduce line drag at the bottom surface of the glider, which combined with the unsheathed Kevlar main lines creates a very light and quick feel in the air. Pilots who fly frequently in rocky and harsh terrain will appreciate the durability of the lines on the Addict, but pilots who fly in cleaner terrain and for whom handling and glide performance are high priorities will love the feeling of the Addict R. There is no difference in safety between the Addict and Addict R.

At right, there are 2 photos of the Green and Orange color schemes. You will find photos of the other colors in the Ozone news South Africa Safari updates, see below. Spring thermals are coming sooner than you think, so now is the time to remedy your XC Addiction with a test flight from your local Ozone Dealer!