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settembre 7, 2004

As reported in the last news the SixtyNine has been load tested to a massive 15G. The SixtyNine (Factory Version) has been designed for pilots who specialise in the sport of acro at a very high level and will continue to be developed with the help of top acro pilots. This glider is now available to those pilots who are competing at the top level of acro competition. If you are interested in this wing please contact your region’s Ozone distributor or email us directly, sending a resume of your results in previous acro competitions. As the SixtyNine (Factory Version) was designed to be the ultimate acro wing, with very dynamic behaviour we will not be releasing it to all pilots, but rest assured we are still working hard on the final general release version of the SixtyNine, making sure we have got the mix of dynamic handling and safety just right.