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febbraio 22, 2005

We have said it before, and we’ll say it again… the Mantra is coming.

Dav and the test team are very pleased with the most recent prototypes, and they feel that they are on-target for the planned April release.

Russ, Dav, and Jerome all agree that the Mantra is very comfortable in flight. They have managed to retain the Ozone feeling in its handling, and the glider has a very precise, direct feel in the turn, despite its high aspect ratio. It climbs very well, staying flat and lifting throughout the turn, and it transmits a feeling of overall efficiency to the pilot.

The Mantra is constructed entirely from Porcher Marine- with a top surface of Porcher 9092 E38. The riser lines are a special new UV treated line from Edelrid- 8000-230-UV1, 1,2mm in diameter.

More information, photos of the final prototypes, and a release of the technical specifications will follow in the near future.