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“Another blue day dawned. A 98 km task was set taking the pilots on a tour of the plains with mountain options.

The mountain option was the most popular choice to the first turn point then it was a fast race out in the flats with top speeds of over 80 km/h. Unfortunately, the final glide put paid to a lot of pilots hopes of consolidating their overall top ten place with only four of the top ten this morning making goal. As Mitch Riley @mitchintheair explained, ‘Every day pilots have been cutting it really fine then getting a climb near ESS if they needed it. Today they made the same calculation but there was more north east wind low down than all along the course, so their glide was much worse than they expected. So those who realised this soonest and stopped to climb got to goal.’ 95 pilots made goal and a further 34 very nearly made goal. The average speed of the fastest pilot was 38km/h”

Wednesday is rest day, The 16th FAI Wold Paragliding Championship will be back on Thursday.

For full results visit: http://pgworlds2019.mk/live/results/

Report courtesy of Ruth Jessop
Photo by Ozone Team pilot Xevi Bonet @xevi.bonet
Crestline locals share their experience of free flight.
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"Today the task committee has been trying to split up the supergaggle and make a more challenging task.  Success!  A 130 km task with a massive exit cylinder allowed pilots to take the mountains on either side of the valley, take the flats, or choose a combination of the above.  Stable conditions, climbs rarely over 2,000m and 30+kmh of south wind on course, made for challenging flying.  Two thirds of the pilots landed before the half way mark, and zero pilots made goal.  5 pilots flew till task closed, and as of this writing it looks like Petra Silvova won the day.  Well done Petra!  Thanks for the challenge task committee!  We are past the half way mark in the comp, and I find myself filled with joyous anticipation of 4 more tasks in this amazing place with these spectacular pilots." Report courtesy of Ozone Team pilot, Mitch Riley @mitchintheair
For full results visit: http://pgworlds2019.mk/live/results/

Photo by Xevi Bonet @xevi.bonet
Task 4-FAI Paragliding Worlds, Krushevo. A 112 km task was set zig zagging south, with a great mix of flats and mountains.

The first part of the race took the pilots over the hills to Baba Mountain before heading out into the flats. Clouds were scarce so it was a day of cloud hoping the few that were available with super, smooth, thermals. The last part of the race gave different options, but as big blue holes opened up to the west of the course line, racing down the flats was the best option.

Well done to the 124 pilots who made goal in today’s marathon.
Today’’s fastest average speed round the course was 34 km/h.

Julien Wirtz (FRA) was the winner of the task followed by Ozone’s Felix Rodriguez (ESP) @feliximbol in second and Gleb Sukhotskiy (RUS) in third.
Keiko Hiraki (JPN) was the winner of the Women’s category. All flying Enzo 3s.
For full results visit: http://pgworlds2019.mk/live/results/

Stay tuned for more on this exciting race.

In the video: Coring the thermal with Ozone Team pilot Pal Takats @paltakats
“We had an 83km task starting in the mountains then doing a long out and back through the center of the flats. 15 minuets before the start most pilots were 1000m below cloud base, struggling to find a worthy climb. Then everything came together and we had 130+ world class pilots in an optimum position for start. The first leg was fast along the mountains, with strong, crowded thermals. When we went into the flats you could sense everyones unsureness by the fact that we were only pushing 80% Speedbar. That conservativeness proved unnecessary. A thunderstorm far to the East of course line pushed a cold gust front into the valley and gave us a convergence line almost exactly on course line. Like magic the only clouds in the flats started popping exactly where we wanted to go. The racing got fast, and the gaggles stayed thick. Finally a 20km final glide put most of us into end of speed without the altitude to make goal. Luckily there were some drifty low thermals and most of us got up to make the line. The level here is incredible and even one moment of missed opportunity will put any pilot 10 places behind the leaders. 7 more days of full on, hard core, mid-air avoiding fun!” Ozone team pilot, Mitch Riley reports from Macedonia @mitchintheair
Our own Honorin Hamard @honoflywithme was the winner of task 3. Those in the goal field held their breath as Honorin took 16 long minutes, drifting 3.2 km in the wrong direction, to gain enough height before finally making goal, consolidating his lead overall.
In the women’s category, Ozone Team pilot, Meryl Delferriere won today’s task and is leading the pack @meryldelferriere
For full results visit: http://pgworlds2019.mk/live/results/

In the image: “Cooling at 3200m” captured by Ozone Team pilot Yassen Savov @yassen_savov
“With lovely blue skies and just a few clouds when we arrived on launch, an 89 km task was set taking the pilots initially into the mountains then out into the flats. Today’s objective was to split up the gaggle.

Many of the famous faces landed in the vacuum valley of no thermals around turn point one. Once they got out in the flats there was lift everywhere, strong cores and beautiful conditions. Areas of sink just before the end of speed claimed a further 15 pilots. It was a long tough day for many.

89 pilots made goal on a day which will have changed many of the scores but left Honorin Hamard head of the overalls, Méryl Delferriere leading lady and France top team.

The average speed of the fastest pilot round the course was 37km/h, an improvement of 1 km/h on yesterday’s task”

Task 2’s winner was Tilen Ceglar (SVN) followed by Julien Wirtz (FRA) in second and Gleb Sukhotskiy (RUS) in third. All flying Enzo 3s.

For full results visit: http://pgworlds2019.mk/live/results/

Text courtesy of FAI World Paragliding Championship
Photo by Stephan Kruger @mrflycapetown
The first task at the FAI Paragliding World Championships in Krushevo was an 81km triangle in the Perlagonija Valley with 138 pilots in goal.

Ozone R&D Team Pilot, Honorin Hamard (FRA) @honoflywithme was the winner followed by Ferdinand Vogel (DEU) in second and Pierre Remy (FRA) in third. All flying Enzo 3s.
Stay tuned for more on the Paragliding World Championship 2019.

Photo by the talented @xevi.bonet
"The Krushevo flying arena is something special. In each of the three practice tasks we had interesting decisions to make, gaggles taking different routes, and plenty of pumping thermals. The 2019 World Championships will be a test not only of gaggle racing skills but also of cross-country decisions. I am really excited and honored to fly with and race against 150 of the world’s best pilots (and excellent friends) for the next 11 days!"
Text and video by Ozone Team pilot, Mitch Riley @mitchintheair ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Stay tuned for more on the Paragliding World Championship that starts tomorrow.

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The 16th FAI Paragliding World Championship will take place in Krushevo, Macedonia from the 5th-18th of August 2019.

Situated at an altitude of 1350m, Krushevo is the highest town in the Balkans and a stunning location for this year’s World Championship; the plains out front provide the perfect paragliding playground.
Krushevo has built up an excellent reputation as the base for both national and international paragliding competitions over the past ten years and is a very worthy venue for this most prestigious event.
This year we celebrate 30 years of the Paragliding World Championship. The best in the World are coming from all over the World, with 150 pilots taking part from 48 different countries; bringing flying friends together from as far afield as Argentina, Japan, Iceland and New Zealand.
Six previous World champions, three men and three ladies will be taking part.
The top 15 from the Europeans in 2016 in Krushevo will all be reunited here once again for what promises to be an amazing competition.
You can keep up with all the action on http://pgworlds2019.mk where you can read the live Commentary, follow the pilots on the tracking and keep up with all the scores.
Stay tuned for more.
Text courtesy of Ruth Jessop
Photos courtesy of Ulric Jessop