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October 10, 2019

The Kendall Mountain Film Festival is an incredibly diverse celebration of mountain culture, with films, speakers, and creative submissions from all corners of the mountain world. Ozone is proud to be... Ulteriori info


September 19, 2019

Questa settimana torneremo a St Hilaire du Touvet, in Francia, per la 46ma edizione della Coupe Icare ed il ventesimo anniversario di Ozone Gliders.Vi invitiamo a venirci a visitare presso l'OZONE... Ulteriori info


September 17, 2018

Questo weekend torneremo a St Hilaire du Touvet, in Francia, per la 45ma edizione della Coupe Icare, ed il ventesimo anniversario di Ozone Gliders. Vi invitiamo a venirci a trovare presso lo stand... Ulteriori info

Ozone Chabre Open 2018

July 9, 2018

La tredicesima edizione degli Ozone Chabre Open è stata un grande successo, con 124 piloti in competizione suddivisi in sei classi che hanno disputato tre task più una d'allenamento. La stagione... Ulteriori info

“Still I can’t believe it yet, an amazing flight!!! We flew as a team for the first 300km, the rest I flew by myself. At the end of the flight I pushed full bar and landed right on time to validate the flight... Viva Brazil!!!” .

Congrats to Ozone Team Pilot, Felix Rodriguez for his +500 km flight in Brazil 🇧🇷 En hora buena Felix! @feliximbol
Last week, excellent conditions in Brazil saw some of the longest XC flights in the history of paragliding.
On October 9th, Ozone team pilot Seiko Fukuoka set a new female record after flying 460 kms, beating Yael Margelisch’s 442km of 4 October. Seiko was flying with teammates Charles Cazaux and Felix Rodriguez. All flying Enzo 3.
On October 10th local gurus Rafael Saladini (Enzo 3), Marcelo Prieto and Rafael de Moraes Barros flew 582km to set, again, a New paragliding world record.
The same day Mexican pilot Alex Loyarte took his Zeno for an impressive 509 Km flight launching from the Rampa De Vôo Livre in Patu.
On October 12th, Seiko flew a bit further, landing 472 kms away from launch.
Meanwhile Swiss pilot, Yael Margelisch (Enzo 3) was about to become the first female pilot to pass the 500km mark breaking the record again with an amazing 553 Km flight.
Definitely a week to remember! Congrats to all the pilots and cheers from all the Ozone Team.
Keep all those long flights coming! @seiko_fukuoka @feliximbol @kzoairlines @yael_margelisch
“Yesterday was a top quality experience! We launched into a blue sky, with barely enough lift to stay aloft. As the day progressed the climbs get stronger and stronger, we flew faster and faster. During the middle two hours of the day it was rowdy enough to remind myself that the day will taper out into a spectacular evening. Six of us were hooting and hollering into the sunset together after 10.5 hours in the air. And retreive was on us in minutes, 430km from launch(thanks Roland!). For most of the day we had 10 top PWC pilots(and excellent friends) gaggle flying in top form, all on Enzo 3s. Not only the coolest flight I've had, but the coolest one I can imagine”
Text and images by Ozone Team pilot Mitch Riley @mitchintheair
Several records have been broken in Brazil 🇧🇷 during the last days.

Full report coming soon
Chilly October day in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

By Becca Bredehoft @turquoise.sparrow
Pilot: Cade Palmer @paracade
“Vindreken - One of Norway’s most painted mountains
A 2.2km trail leads up 1200m+
Making for a 50+degree hike straight up a ridge to the top Of this deep rocky goodness.
To Share it all with a brother makes it all the more special :) @malachitempleton”

@jamie_lee_speedflyer shares another epic ride from his Norwegian journey 🇳🇴
The Ozone Wall Calendar is back for 2020. The 12 month format hangs in size A3. Get your monthly dose of airborne inspiration – it’s the perfect gift for your flying friends and loved ones. Available now from your local Ozone dealer.
On the cover: Cloud surfing the Pacific coast with the M7.
Pilot: Alex Colby @flykahana
Photo by @jorgeatramiz
The Kendall Mountain Film Festival is an incredibly diverse celebration of mountain culture, with films, speakers, and creative submissions from all corners of the mountain world. Ozone is proud to be supporting this event and to once again have several adventure flying films in the event. If you’re in this part of the world next month, don’t miss it!
Ansel Morgan approaching the "Imperial Crown of Zinal" on his M7 during a superb day in Valais. Switzerland 🇨🇭 Photo by Philippe Labarre
“Changed my mind on last instant on this one, because it looked finally too dangerous in the pass... 👀
Well not graceful...” @max_pinot during another exciting X-Alps moment

Glider: Zeolite
The new Z6 contains several performance breakthroughs in the intermediate category, while taking passive safety to the highest level yet! A refined SharkNose leading edge, optimised line plan for 20% drag reduction, a new blend of materials to improve durability and reduce weight, the Z6 is the most advanced Buzz to date.
-20% Reduction in Overall Line Drag
-Refined SharkNose Profile
-G-String Leading Edge
-Double-3D Shaping
For more on the Buzz Z6 Hit the Link in BIO

Pilot: @pilotlyndsaynicole .
🎥: @benjaminjordanadventure .
Edit: @karlstezlick
“Just another one of the beautiful lines that we got to fly in the Balestrand area while we were stranded waiting for a new propeller for the boat. It wasn’t a bad place to be stuck:)
Here we are flying from a mountain called Tjuatoten (1098 m)” @malachitempleton
Stay tuned for more on @malachitempleton and @jamie_lee_speedflyer‘s adventure in Norway 🇳🇴


April 20, 2018

Lo scorso weekend nella Zillertal Battle in Mayrhofen, Austria, dove era mandatorio gareggiare con vele EN B, Simon Arnold ha conquistato il primo posto assoluto volando con il nuovo Rush 5. E' stato... Ulteriori info


April 12, 2018

La prossima Paragliding World Cup si disputerà in Baixo Guandu, Brasile dal 14 al 21 aprile. La città di Baixo Guandu è uno dei luoghi preferiti della Paragliding World Cup, con gare disputate nel... Ulteriori info

Ozone Chabre Open 2018

January 15, 2018

Le iscrizioni all'Ozone Chabre Open 2018 inizieranno alle ore 7pm (CET) di sabato 21 gennaio. Tenetevi pronti per prenotare un'altra settimana di divertimento, apprendimento e gare di volo. Ancora una volta... Ulteriori info

PWC Super Final 2017

January 5, 2018

La Paragliding World Cup Super Final si svolgerà a Roldanillo, Colombia dal 9 al 20 di gennaio. L'orografia intorno a Roldanillo è ideale per questa gara, un'ampia vallata piatta con montagne lungo... Ulteriori info