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"Well I found out where the teenagers in Krusevo party, takeoff. Won't try sleeping there again. After a quick run into town to resupply I launched around 10:30am. A five hour triangle exploring some of the nearby mountains, in challenging wind conditions without another pilot in sight was a really nice venture onto complete flow. Feeling my glider, riding the air, and completley consumed by the present. I landed on takeoff to refill water and think about my plan for the evening. theowarden landed just after me and told me about a peak he had landed on and thoroughly enjoyed. I filled up my water and launched into soft evening conditions. An hour later I landed on the peak, began setting up camp when two Shepard's arrived. With no common words the most communicative shepard showed me where the borders to Albania, Bulgaria, and Greece where. He also warned me of wolves in the area. Then he cautioned me of the sheep guard dogs by telling them to sick me, and calling them off at the last moment (shepard😜 me😟). I watched the shepards, sheep and dogs descend to their camp in the setting sun. Then I got into my sleeping bag and had a fantastic sleep, and no, I did not get attacked by wolves" ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Ozone Team pilot Mitch Riley reports on his Bivouac adventures in Macedonia @mitchintheair