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December 5, 2018

VIDEO Le Magnum 3 a été conçu pour les pilotes de tandem professionnels. Cette aile entièrement nouvelle comporte des améliorations très significatives au niveau de la durabilité, du confort et de... Read More


August 15, 2018

Pal TAKATS, pilote Ozone, a consacré sa vie à l'acrobatie en parapente. Il a remporté trois fois le titre de champion du monde et a consacré vingt années de sa vie à perfectionner ses tecnhiques... Read More


June 28, 2018

La Rush 5 est notre dernière aile intermédiaire Sport-perf. Développée avec la même technologie que nos ailes de performances Enzo 3 et Zeno, elle affiche également les meilleures perfs pour cette... Read More


April 4, 2018

L'Alpina 3 est basée sur la Delta 3, mais elle pèse un kilo de moins ! Il s'agit d'une aile de perf ultra légère affichant un puissant ressenti en l'air. Comparée à la Delta 3, l'Alpina 3 offre... Read More

"The US Open in Chelan, WA, USA opened with a 93km task. It was downwind with a short dog leg at Banks Lake and goal in the town of Wilbur. With organized climbs and long interrupted cloud streets the lead gaggle was on course and fast using the tail wind to hit speeds close to 90km/h.
Coming up on the turnpoint at Banks lake I saw a move to make and pushed hard. Coming in relatively low for the day at around 4500’ to be rewarded with a 7+ m/s climb back up to base. The cloud was dark and extended well over the lake downwind. As I left the climb on full bar I realized nobody decided to join me so I flew the last 40km by myself wondering if it was a moment of brilliance or a horrible mistake.
Only 3 or 4 climbs later I made it into goal and watched the rest of the lead gaggle come in about 8 minutes behind. My first 1000 point day and I thoroughly enjoyed the flight.
We finished the task with an average speed of 44km/h and task time of 2h04m.
Task 2 was equally exciting. With a cancelled task the day prior we had some high clouds to contend with and strong south winds ranging from 15-30km/h. With the wind direction consistently from the south, the task was set at 132km with goal only a few kilometers short of the border. The start wasn’t obvious with either Chelan Butte or the flats both viable. Challenging conditions and not much time to get established made the flats fairly risky with a few pilots landing early.
It was another day with great clouds and good climbs. With some cirrus doing some regional shading, climbs maxed out around 5m/s but the winds helped out reaching speeds over 100km/h. The course had pilots flying all different lines. Some in the mountains to the east and west and some zigzagging down the valley. Halfway down courseline a small gaggle including Donizete Lemos, Josh Cohn, Nick Greece and myself had pulled out in front flanked by some pilots further to the west off the optimized line.
Nearing goal and dealing with an increasing amount of shade, climbs became less abundant...” Photo and Text by the leader of the Chelan US Open, Owen Shoemaker @skyadventuresnorthwest
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October 18, 2017

Seiko Fukuoka and Charles Cazaux are on a mission to share knowledge. Their video series will cover a range of topics from reading the sky and understanding movement in the air, finding the best XC... Read More


October 13, 2017

Le vol bivouac est la raison de vivre de >Benjamin JORDAN. En dehors du fait qu'il s'agit une méthode extrême d'exploration de contrées sauvages, c'est également une façon très poussée de... Read More


October 11, 2017

Regardez ici la dernière vidéo d'information concernant la Delta 3. Nous avions pour mission, sur la D 3, de porter la maniabilité et le ressenti caractéristique d'une aile de perf-sport à des... Read More

VIDEO MENSUELLE Airlinks Online Academy

September 19, 2017

Seiko FUKUOKA et Charles CAZAUX présentent : Airlinks Online Academy. AOA est une série vidéo mensuelle créée pour partager les connaissances et l'expérience de Seiko et de Charles avec la communauté... Read More