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New ROADRUNNER – ground handling wing

The Roadrunner is an easy to use and highly forgiving paraglider that is designed specifically, and only, for ground-handling training. It is optimized for use in wind speeds that are too high to practice with a standard sized paraglider, but is also easy to use in light or zero wind conditions.

Schools will love the ease of use and the cost-savings. Save your “flight” wings for flying, instead of wearing them out for ground-handling. The Roadrunner was designed from the start with price in mind, with the goal to increase training efficiency while lowering costs for schools.

Kids love it too! Introduce younger and lighter pilots to the joys of kiting.

Alex Yaschenko Repatriation Fund

On 28 September, Alex Yaschenko, was involved in a paragliding accident in the Hunza Valley, Pakistan. Despite many years paragliding experience as one of Australia’s top pilots, as well as having flown extensively in this area several years prior, Alex experienced a collapse soon after take-off and suffered a significant impact on landing.

Please help out by donating whatever you can, no matter how small. Every cent counts, and every dollar gets him closer to home. 

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After winning the first stop of the Spanish League in Algodonales, Ozone team pilot Felix Rodriguez continues to dominate the national league by winning the second event in his home state, Castilla de La Mancha. 

He reports: 

Caudete is the last town between Castilla de La Mancha and Valencia. It is located in the beginning of the main plato of  La Mancha. It is the first time that the Spanish league has been held in this area, even though this zone offers a massive potential for XC flying.

We flew 4 out of 4 days of competition, with great conditions and high cloud base. Actually we had to be careful and avoid to pass the maximum altitude restriction. 

I led the comp from the 2nd day only a few points ahead of Mika and Wilfred. On day three Wilfred won the task, but received a penalty for breaking the max altitude. The last day was a fast task of 60 km in which the lead gaggle pushed bar 15 km from goal barely making it to final line. In the end I won the task to get the final points to win the comp. It was an honor to win at home! ”

For full results, Click here.

Congrats and Cheers from all the Ozone Team.

Russ Finishes Top 10 at PWC Ager with the Mantra R07

Final results are in! Russ finished a very respectable 9th place, good job Russ! The R07 is working well and it’s great to see such a new wing doing so well on the PWC.

The Mantra R07 is Ozone’s Competition Research wing, which a select group of top XC pilots are flying this year in National and PWC Competition. The feedback from our team pilots is that the R07 has solid performance with a very comfortable ride, and comparatively agile and easy handling.

Dav Dagault, Ozone’s designer, is constantly experimenting with the countless variables in glider design to achieve maximum performance and feeling from each wing. Knowledge gained from the R07 competition prototypes is immediately applied to current prototypes of our serial class wings. You’ll have to wait until 2008 to see what this year’s research has yielded, but for now we can say that the research is paying off 😉

Cheers from all the team!

The Delta Gets Reviewed…

Recently ‘Thermik Magazine’ published a review of the Delta. Obviously, they really liked it… and we weren’t surprised, because the feedback from pilots all over the world has been exactly what we hoped for, and expected: Great handling, a very comfortable feel, and glide performance that beats many wings in the category above.

Thermik Magazine tested the Delta and measured a l/d of 9.6, which is the second highest performing wing they have ever tested, behind the Mantra M3 which is the highest ever at 9.7 (it should be noted that our tests and the tests of other private pilots have exceeded this number but Thermik Magazine is very professional, and conservative, in their testing).

Here are some excerpts from Thermik’s review:

“It seems that never before there was such a stable sport wing than we have now with the Delta. It is pure pleasure!…
The behavior of the Delta in accelerated flight is an advantage for pilots with XC and competition needs”

“In summary: Usually, promised revolutions don´t happen. However, with the new sport wing Delta, Ozone managed indeed a massive performance jump… There is this massive glide performance plus the fact that the Delta will inspire you with its launch, its handling, its stability and its maneuvers…
…Congratulations to the Ozone Team!”

-From Thermik Magazine, September 2010 Issue (translation by Sabine Konrad).

We are pleased that the Thermik team agrees with our assessment of the wing, and we hope that if you’re considering an EN C class wing in the future, you will try the Delta. Please let us know what you think, and send us news of your favorite flights.
Thermik Test Catalogue:



Lors de le dernière épreuve PWC qui s’est tenue à Disentis, en Suisse, le pilote Ozone Seiko FUKUOKA-NAVILLE a probablement réalisé les plus belles performances de l’histoire du parapente féminin de compétition. Seiko a en effet terminé l’épreuve à presque 1000 points de plus que la seconde femme, se classant 20 ème. au général, battant ainsi une grande partie des hommes alors qu’elle volait avec un handicap au niveau de la vitesse.

Les pilotes Ozone ont remporté 6 des 10 premières places, Stefan WYSS se classant second sous son Enzo 2, juste derrière le pilote local Chrigel MAURER. Les pilotes suisses locaux ont pour leur part remporté les quatre premières places. Le compétition fut, selon les observateurs, magnifique dans un cadre à couper le souffle !

Résultats généraux, etféminins.

Salutations de toute l’équipe !

BASSANO : OZONE RAFLE LA MISE avec 9 victoires sur 10

Le très disputé Trophée Montegrappa de Bassano a été remporté par des pilotes Ozone qui ont trusté neuf victoires sur 10, tous sous Enzo 2. Réusltats dispos ici this PDF.

Commentaire de Luc ARMANT ” La compète a été superbe, avec des conditions de Printemps fantastiques. On a fait trois manches d’enfer en compagnie de la plupart des meilleurs pilotes européens . ”

Félicitations à Seiko FUKUOKA-NAVILLE pour la première place femmes et à Ulrich PRINZ pour sa victoire en hommes.

Salutations de toute l’équipe !

OPENS 2015 de Australia Bright & Corryong

Nos amis à Fly Ozone Australia Nous ont envoyé un compte rendu des compètes Open de Bright et Corryong.

Tous les deux ans se tiennent les Opens de Bright et de Corryong, qui permettent la tenue de deux compètes pendant 15 jours en deux endroits différents. Cette année, nous avons pu accomplir 5 manches à chacun des deux compètes en ne perdant
que 3 jours en raison de mauvaises conditions météo.

Les deux sites jouissent de conditions thermiques très fortes et permettent des décollages en toute sécurité. Toutes les manches sauf une ont été des courses au but. Les Directeurs de course, en l’occurence Gareth CARTER, Geoff WONG et Brian Webb à Bright ; et CARTER, WONG et Wally ARCHIDIACONO à Corryong, ont proposé des manches difficiles ayant permis de superbes courses dans deux des plus beaux sites australiens.

Lors de l’open de Bright, le Finlandais Jouni MAKKONEN a fini premier sous son Ozone mantra M6, suivi de Gareth CARTER, second.Ivan ANISSIMOV termoine 3ème. sous Enzo 2. Au total, 5 des dix premiers pilotes volaient sous Ozone.

Au classement féminin, Kari ROBERSON finit première et 22 ème au général ; la Coréenne Woo YANG JAN arrive seconde sous Ozone LM5 ; l’Américaine Meredyth MALOCSAY troisième et l’Australienne Kirsten SEETO sous Delta 2 en quatrième place.

Kari Roberson placed 1st in the Women’s category and 22nd overall with Woo Young Jang from Korea in 2nd on an Ozone LM5, and Meredyth Malocsay from the US in 3rd, and Kirsten Seeto, from Australia, flying a Delta2 in 4th place.

En catégories Fun, Sports et Serial, les Rush 4, delta 2, Alpina 2 et Mantra M6 ont été fortement représentées.

Pendant les courses, Fly Ozone Australia avait un atelier de maintenance et de réparation qui a été très occupé pour permettre toutes sortes de réparations en vue des manches à venir . Les aigles locaux ont procuré quelques uns des sujets de conversation les plus excitants au bar !

Resultats dispo ici:
Bright Open 2015 results
Corryong Open 2015 results

Merci pour le compte-rendu ! Félicitations à tous les pilotes et salutations de toute l’équipe !