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New from Ozone – THE SUBMARINE

The World Cup Superfinal is underway in Disentis, Switzerland, and three of our team pilots are flying a radical new harness design: The Submarine.

Ozone designer, Luc Armant, shares, « The idea behind this project was to drastically reduce drag by creating a fully inflated enclosure around the pilot without compromising safety.

I made the first version in 2006. It was a funny little yellow proto which I flew in some local competitions and people started calling it “the yellow submarine”. This was before I came to Ozone — at that time I also designed one for Bruce Goldsmith which he used for the World Championships in 2007.

We restarted the project again in 2017, and there were major structural and aerodynamic problems to solve in order for it to be a viable product. A huge amount of computer work and modelling was carried out by co-designer, Fred Pieri, to develop and test prototypes.

We barely managed to finish three harnesses for the Superfinal before our factory had to close due to Covid. We haven’t had much time to train with them or fully evaluate the performance but we feel this generation is finally ready to be tested at the highest level of competition. »

We anticipate that development work on this project will continue over the months following the Superfinal. Cheers from all the Ozone team, and we send our best wishes to all of the pilots in the Superfinal. We look forward to following the race!


“For us it is a passion to make high tech lightweight equipment that people can travel with…” Russ Ogden, Ozone R&D team member.

Forget everything you think you know about the compromises in 2-Line paraglider designs… The ZEOLITE is easy to launch, easy to land in small/restricted LZs.

It has the most comfortable B-handle control we have experienced, and handling that is incredibly agile and precise in the core.This is a new breed of 2-Line design, offering competition level performance in an extremely light and compact package. Weighing in at under 3kgs with an aspect ratio of 6.7, the Zeolite delivers the performance and reliability needed for the Red Bull X-Alps, the most grueling race in the world.

The ZEOLITE GT is the same as the X-Alps competition version, but with slight material changes to increase durability and affordability.

For more,visit: 


New ROADRUNNER – ground handling wing

The Roadrunner is an easy to use and highly forgiving paraglider that is designed specifically, and only, for ground-handling training. It is optimized for use in wind speeds that are too high to practice with a standard sized paraglider, but is also easy to use in light or zero wind conditions.

Schools will love the ease of use and the cost-savings. Save your « flight » wings for flying, instead of wearing them out for ground-handling. The Roadrunner was designed from the start with price in mind, with the goal to increase training efficiency while lowering costs for schools.

Kids love it too! Introduce younger and lighter pilots to the joys of kiting.

New Ozone T-shirts

The new Ozone T-shirt line is made from 100% organic cotton. This new fabric is soft and supple, washes well over time. There are two colours merl grey and charcoal grey. Printed Ozone classic logo. Woman version and more new prints coming shortly. 

T-shirt Classic Ozone logo in Charcoal Grey
T-shirt Classic Ozone logo in Merl Grey


L’ensemble de notre équipement  pour la X-Alps 2019 pèse moins  de 5,5 kg pour l’aile,  la sellette et le secours. La Zeolite pèse exactement 2,85 kg. Elle a été conçue pour une utilisation en environnement X-Alps, c’est à dire des décollages délicats, des atterrissages au sommet, des zones  de poser étroites et des aérologies alpines fortes.

Propos de l’équipe de R&D :

 » oubliez tout ce que vous savez concernant les compromis adoptés pour les ailes à 2 lignes. La Zeolite est facile au décollage et à l’atterro sur des zones étroites et restreintes et affiche un contrôle aux B le plus confortable que nous ayons expérimenté.  Il s’agit d’une  nouvelle génération d’ailes à 2 lignes.  »

Nous publierons de nouvelles infos sur cette aile excitante dans les prochaines semaines, et nous souhaitons bonne chance à tous les concurrents de l’épreuve de cette année.

Merci à Manuel NUEBEL  pour le résumé.

Mantra 7 Now Available.

The Mantra M7 is a completely new design incorporating the latest Zeno and Enzo 3 technology in a tight, compact, 3-line package. The profile, planform, and arc are all evolved from the Zeno, and the aspect ratio is a more moderate 6.5. The M7 offer a level of agility, comfort and safety closer to the Delta series, with near-Zeno glide performance. Most importantly, it is an incredibly fun wing to fly!

This new design replaces the M6, and bridges the gap in our range between the Delta 3 and Zeno. It is a significant step up from the M6 in terms of performance, especially in accelerated flight, but with better collapse recovery characteristics, reduced pilot workload, and more cohesion in turbulent air. It is the ideal wing for experienced pilots stepping up to the D class who want the performance and pleasure of a modern 2-liner, but with more comfort, security, and confidence.

More info on the Mantra 7 product page

The Mantra 7 is ready to order from your local OZONE distributor


la nouvelle Z6 comporte des perçées importantes en matière de perfs pour une aile intermédiaire, tout en portant la sécurité passive à un niveau encore jamais atteint dans la série des Buzz. Avec son shark nose perfectionné, un plan de suspentage ayant permis une réduction de 20 % de la traînée, ainsi que de nouveaux matériaux améliorant la durée de vie et réduisant son poids, la Z6 est la Buzz la plus perfectionnée à ce jour.

Plus d’info sur la page produit de la Z6

La BuzzZ6 peut être commandée chez votre distributeur OZONE



Le Magnum 3 a été conçu pour les pilotes de tandem professionnels.
Cette aile entièrement nouvelle comporte des améliorations très significatives
au niveau de la durabilité, du confort et de la facilité de pilotage, avec des progrès très importants dans les domaines du décollage, de l’atterrissage et de l’agilité en vol. Une structure interne unique permet d’alléger l’aile et d’en accroître la durée de vie, diminuant ainsi le coût global du tandem pour le pilote.


Based on the Rush 5 but 30% lighter, the Swift 5 is a top of class Lightweight Sport-Performance-Intermediate wing developed with the same technology used in our performance wings including the Enzo 3 and Zeno, in addition to several new innovative features.

Over fifteen years of lightweight R&D have allowed us to deliver a wing that is not only top of class in terms of performance, but also one of the lightest wings in its class. Thanks to a lighter sail, the Swift 5’s agility and handling is improved over the Rush 5, with a more precise feel. Another key difference is the ease of inflation and take-off behavior in general.

An extensive period of performance glide testing allowed us to evaluate the Rush 5 and Swift 5 against class-leading wings from other manufacturers. The results have proven significant gains, especially in accelerated glide performance.

More info on the Swift 5 Product Page .

The SWIFT 5 is ready to order from your local OZONE distributor.