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The Monarca Open 2020 saw 6 valid tasks in good conditions. Ozone pilots swept the podium in the open class. Local pilot, Estefano Salgado (Enzo 3) took first, followed by Matt Henzi (Enzo 3) and Josh Cohn (Z-Alps). 9 of the top 10 were flying Ozone. Open Class results PDF.

In the Club Class, Michael Beck took first on his Swift 5. Club Class results PDF.

Congrats to all the pilots and cheers from all the Ozone team!


Ozone team pilot, Francisco Javier Reina, has closed out his year with another win, this time on the Canary Islands. By winning the Open Taucho in Tenerife, Francis “El Niño” Reina becomes the 2019 Spanish Champion.

He reports: 

“This week I finished the year at  the Open Taucho in Tenerife that was also the end of the Spanish League. We were flying all the week in Tenerife a flying paradise at this time of the year, very beautiful flights were made throughout the island.The competition saw 3 task ( 56, 69 and 40 km) in fun conditions, there were times where you could go very fast and others that you had to be careful not to land. Very happy to  to win the competition ahead of Ferdinan and Poulain.It was also the end of the Spanish National League, which I also won. Stoked for this year results and ready to start the next  year with the Superfinal”

Congrats Francis and Cheers from all the Ozone Team.

Photos Courtesy of Xevi Bonet


The final stop of the PWC tour was in Loma Bola, Argentina. Six valid tasks were flown. 

PWC’s Ruth Jessop reports:

“With blue skies and very stable conditions, a 51 km final task was set zig zagging north and south up and down the Loma Bola ridge.

Initially it was a great race which brought paragliding to the people. The crowds watching on launch had a fantastic introduction to our sport as the pilots crossed launch several times, low enough for the crowds to cheer on their favorite pilots.

Unfortunately, the spread-out from a big storm cell in the mountains shut down everything just as the pilots were approaching End of Speed making goal impossible.

We’ve had a fantastic week here with great contrasts in terrain and tasks, from jungle to polo fields, in the Garden of Argentina, not to mention stunning food and wine. 

A big thank you to the Argentinian Gauchos and their horses who have helped with some fairly remote retrieves making this such a great adventure”

The overall win went to Jurij Vidic  from Slovenia. In second place was French pilot Xavier Laporte followed by the Ozone team pilot, Pal Takats from Hungary. All flying Enzo 3s. 

In the women’s category, it was Adel Honti (Enzo 3), from Hungary, who took the win  followed by Brazilian pilot Marcella  Uchoa (Enzo 3) in second and local pilot Shauin KAO (Zeno) in third. 

Seven out of the top ten pilots flew OZONE. 

For full results Click here.

Congrats and cheers from all the OZONE team

Photos Courtesy of PWCA.org / Ulric Jessop


The Paragliding World Cup, 9-16th November at Loma Bola, in Tucumán, Argentina.

For the next World Cup we head to Argentina, in search of great thermals to tango with. The last World Cup at lovely Loma Bola took place in 2007, so our return is long overdue and eagerly anticipated.

The takeoff is located in a mountain range facing east and has a height difference of 800 m above the plain. This provides a perfect paragliding playground including mountain and flatland flying. The pilots will be able to enjoy views of the Yungas jungle, combined with sugar cane, lemon, strawberry and blueberry plantations, giving this area the nickname, ‘The Garden of the Republic’.

The people who live in the local villages are looking forward to seeing the sky painted with so many colourful gliders and we really hope they will enjoy watching our party in the sky.

Pilots will be coming from across the globe to compete, from as far afield as Russia, Iceland, Japan and New Zealand. This will also be the first time that a Costa Rican pilot has taken part in the Paragliding World Cup, making it a truly global event.

Some very colourful pilots will be competing, from the manufacturer of wooden sunglasses, to those who fly the 6000+ m volcanos in the nearby Andes.

To add to the suspense, this will be the last chance for the top fifteen overall, top three ladies and task winners to qualify for the 2019 Super Final, making this World Cup one to definitely keep a very close eye on.

Follow the event via the live Commentary and tracking, both available on the PWCA app and on pwca.org.

Stay tuned for more.

Text courtesy of PWCA.org
Photo: Julian Cisterna

Paragliding World Cup Asian Tour

This year sees the launch of the new Asian Tour. Each event has the same status as a Pre World Cup, as the winner will automatically qualify for the Super Final. Apart from giving pilots the opportunity to discover fantastic untried locations, the idea is to train new organisers and bring the Paragliding World Cup concept to Asia.  

Some of the World’s finest pilots will be taking to the skies, enjoying the rich autumn colours in South Korea from the 4th of October onwards, including European champions and World Cup task winners.

South Korea is well known for its artistic cuisine, mostly unrecognisable to westerners, but impossible not to fall in love with, punctuated with a bowl Kimchi at the end of every chopstick. South Korea is a must visit location for any World traveller. 

Join the PWC family above the forested mountains of Gochang, in the south west corner of South Korea, via the Flymaster live tracking on http://pwca.org/asia.

For those who can’t make this event, a Paragliding World Cup will take place in Gochang in October 2020.   

Photos courtesy of Ulric Jessop/PWCA.org


Pico do Gaviao in Brazil, once again, proved itself to be the land of big skies, welcoming smiles and seven task competitions.

The competition had everything, beautiful scenery: banana and coffee plantations on the rolling hills, cattle ranches and palm trees around the scattered oasis.

A variety of tasks were set from closed circuit, to one with a long leg east to the town of Pouso Alegre, which appropriately enough in Portuguese means, ‘Happy Landings.’ The last day finished on a high with a concentric circles task as a grand finale.

The Enzo 3 wiped the table once again taking 16 out of the top 20 places overall and 4 out of the top 5 in the ladies’ rankings.

Having won the World Cup in China earlier on in the year (also on his Enzo 3), Baptiste Lambert gave a thermal perfect demonstration of how to control the gaggle. He came in the top seven every day and flew away with another World Cup victory, joining a very select group of only 10 other pilots in history to have won two World Cups in the same year.

Here’s what he had to say about his Enzo 3:

I love my Enzo 3, it’s a real gem, it’s got great performance and it’s easy to fly. Even in the small size, my wing glides very well and goes fast… it has nothing to fear from other models!

The next Paragliding World Cup will take place in Loma Bola, Argentina from the 9th to the 16th of November. You can follow the live tracking and commentary on pwca.org

For full results visit www.pwca.org

Text courtesy of Ruth Jessop
Photos Courtesy of Xavier Laporte / PWCA.org


The Pico do Gaviao Paragliding World Cup will take place in Brazil from the 7th to the 14th of September.

The enormously successful 2017 Pico do Gaviao World Cup confirmed Brazil as the land of seven-day competitions. In the words of Richard Gallon, ‘Pico do Gaviao is such an amazing launch, take-offs in every direction. So many task options. Every day we do a completely different task with a great variety of flat land and relief flying. You have to fly by feeling as there are no clouds to help you. The Brazilians are really teaching us how to fly’!

Two years ago, Brazilian pilots took the top five trophies and nine out of the top fifteen places. But the Europeans dominated the recent Baixo Guandu Super Final. Who will rule the skies and fly away with the best thermals in Brazil this time?

Equal numbers of Brazilian and French pilots are taking part, proof of the increase in world class Brazilian pilots.

Seven overall World Cup winners and three ladies’ winners will be taking part, all keen to notch up another victory. At least half of those in the thermals above Pico do Gaviao will be there chasing one of the few precious places left for the Super Final.

Pilots from thirty different countries will be competing, showing the popularity of Brazil for Paragliding World Cups, combining great skies, big friendly smiles and generous thermals!

In addition to the PWCA app and the pwca.org website (which now includes photos of the pilots) with the live Commentary, tracking and scores, the local organizers have also made an excellent app. Search for: PWC Andradas.

Stay tuned for more.

Text and images courtesy of pwca.org


After ten days of intense racing, The 17th FAI Paragliding World Championship in Krushevo, Macedonia has come to an end.

Ozone pilots swept the podium and top 8 spots.

The New World Champion is Joachim Oberhauser, of Italy. Silver goes to Gleb Sukhotskiy of Russia and the Bronze medal was awarded to Ozone R&D Team pilot Honorin Hamard, of France, who led the first half of the race. All flew the Enzo 3.

In the Women’s category Ozone pilots swept the top five. Ozone Team pilot Meryl Delferriere, of France, took gold. Meryl not only dominated the Women’s race from the start, but also finished 14th overall. Yael Margelisch, of Switzerland, and Kari Ellis, of Australia, joined her in the podium. All flew the Enzo 3.

In the Nations, the fight was tight with France leading most of the race. In the end France and Italy shared first place, followed by Japan.

Eighteen out of the top 20 overall flew the Enzo 3.

Russ Jessop, of the PWCA.org, reports from the last task in Krushevo:

“With two ladies competing for first place, four men for overall, and twenty-five nations able to win the national ranking, today was nail biting. With a northerly wind a 96km corridor task was set taking the pilots from the extreme north of the plains south almost to Greece. It was a day when those who had blown their overall ranking pushed out trying different routes.

In the middle of the task turn point four split the pilots up. Some taking it to the north, some to the south. Those to the south then had further to go cross wind to get the last turn point (turn point six). Bogdan Bialka, Took this route, he was the only one who didn’t land, but got stuck at Bitola. Those further north then flew at high speed south, closing the gap with Bogdan. The finish was neck and neck with Bogdan coming in from the west, Mitch Riley taking the optimum line and Peter Vyparina coming in from the east. Bogdan won the day making World Championship history. Bogdan is the first Irish pilot to win a World Championship task! The four pilots who could win the title of World Champion crossed End of Speed within 23 seconds and 1% of lead out points of each other.

107 pilots in goal rounded off the last day of a fantastic tribute to 30 years of the Paragliding World Championship.”

For full results, Click here
Congrats to all the pilots and cheers from all the team at OZONE.

Podiums images courtesy of FAI PG WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP
Aerial Images Courtesy of XEVI BONET


Ozone team pilot, Francisco Javier Reina, aka “El Niño”, took the win at the two most recent XC comps in Spain.

His first victory was the Spanish XC Championship in Zarza Capilla, a spectacular XC site with great conditions during the event. Francis won all three days with flights of 281, 174 and 171 kms respectively.

From there, El Niño continued to choose the right lines, winning the last stop of the Spanish Championship in Arangoiti. Due to bad weather the event was relocated to Castejón de Sos for the final tasks.

Francis reports:

“The conditions in Castejón were incredible, rising to 5000 meters in the Pyrenees and flying at a very high average speed. I won the first task in Arangoiti and the third task in Castejón and in the end I took the win again!”

Francisco is now in Macedonia representing the Spanish team, together with Ozone team pilots Felix Rodriguez and Xevi Bonet. They are currently in third place, but only a few points behind the leaders.

For Zarza Capilla’s results Click HERE

For Arangoiti/Castejon de Sos’s results Click HERE

Congrats Francis and Cheers from all the Ozone Team.

Aerial Image courtesy of Xevi Bonet.


The 16th FAI Paragliding World Championship will take place in Krushevo, Macedonia from the 5th-18th of August 2019.

Situated at an altitude of 1350m, Krushevo is the highest town in the Balkans and a stunning location for this year’s World Championship; the plains out front provide the perfect paragliding playground.

Krushevo has built up an excellent reputation as the base for both national and international paragliding competitions over the past ten years and is a very worthy venue for this most prestigious event.

This year we celebrate 30 years of the Paragliding World Championship. The best in the World are coming from all over the World, with 150 pilots taking part from 48 different countries; bringing flying friends together from as far afield as Argentina, Japan, Iceland and New Zealand.

Six previous World champions, three men and three ladies will be taking part.

The top 15 from the Europeans in 2016 in Krushevo will all be reunited here once again for what promises to be an amazing competition.

You can keep up with all the action on http://pgworlds2019.mk where you can read the live Commentary, follow the pilots on the tracking and keep up with all the scores.

Stay tuned for more.

Text courtesy of Ruth Jessop / Photos courtesy of Ulric Jessop