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Ozone Team Pilot, Joachim Oberhauser has won the Italian Championships 2022  in Feltre, Italy. 

Joachim flew his Enzo 3 / Submarine and shared the podium with Denis Soverini  (Enzo 3)  and Christian Biasi (Enzo 3) in third.

Italian Paragliding Team Leader Alberto Castagna won the Serial Class title, for the second time in a row, flying with his brand new Zeno2. 

In the ladies category the winner was Silvia Buzzi Ferraris (Enzo 3).

For full results visit: https://airtribune.com/monteavena2022/results

Congrats and cheers from all the Ozone team. 


“After second place in the French Championship and the trees, I had to bounce back and do a good competition at the Pre World Championship in Cœur de Savoie, especially for the mental.

It’s done, I won this last competition by 3 small points!!!

What a start to the year, 5 competitions, 3 wins and 2 second places, didn’t expect that much but I’ll take it!

This win gets me pumped for the next big step, the European Championship in Serbia at the end of July.

Thanks to all and to the organization for this beautiful event. Congrats to Julian and Tim for 2nd and 3rd place and Capu for the women’s title!!!”

Congrats Honorin and Cheers from all the Team.

Honorin was flying his Zeno 2.

For 18th FAI Pre World Paragliding Championships’s results visit:



The 4th Ozone Krushevo Open will take place from September 03-09, 2022. 

This competition is designed in the spirit and model of the Legendary Ozone Chabre Open, a stress-free paragliding cross-country competition with an emphasis on fun and learning through in-depth XC coaching and setting achievable tasks.

This event, like the Chabre, is aimed primarily at pilots with some XC experience, who want to get more into competition or further hone their XC skills. Daily briefings and de-briefings by Jocky Sanderson set the stage for a week of intense learning in a perfect location for fun XC flying.

Classes include Fun, Recreation, and Sport, which are governed by your wing’s aspect ratio. There is also a Rookie, and Women’s class.

The Krushevo region has a long history of successful competition tasks. Early September is ideal for XC flying weather, and the history of the location suggests that many kilometers will be flown – join us!

Registration is open now at: https://airtribune.com/ozone-krusevo-open-2022/info

Photos courtesy of Jocky Sanderson


Ozone Team Pilot, Rafa Saladini  has just won his second consecutive  Panamerican PG championship celebrated in Governador Valladares, Brazil.

He reports:

“I’m really thrilled to receive this gift of winning the panamerican twice in a row. 2020 and 2022.

I’ve been training myself to become more mentally and emotionally resilient. It doesn’t matter how technically good you become, if you are not mentally strong, you will never reach anywhere close to the very concept of performance excellency and mental/emotional resilience. And to me that’s what paragliding competitions are all about.

After flying 7 days in PWC Roldanillo, we had the brazilian nationals and the PWC Baixo Guandu, both with 7 nuclear tasks. My family was exhausted for having me so many days away. My wife and two kids were badly sick and needing my presence. It was only two days before the panamerican that my wife told me to go.

Eva, my 4 year old daughter yelled before I left: “If you are going again, you better win!!!” 

From that moment, the pressure was on!!

She was REALLY upset when I told her I was 2nd in the first task. “Papa, please turn yourself into a rocket , so you can win”. 

So I won the second task and the competition only to become her rocket !! Now that Eva knows I won the Gold Medal, she is finally accepting me back home.

Throughout the week, I was really sick so I could not keep my exercise routine, and to compensate I meditated for 15min every morning before breakfast and had a mandatory appointment with Noam, Level Master of my Chess App. Every morning I would play 6 to 8 games before the task to warm up my brain, and of course I would lose them all.

I tried to talk to Noam so many times

But his silence is Cruel

His moves are his savage way of teaching

The only way of communication is to play

He dominates the game with no chance for his opponent

I never beated Noam. I played probably more than 400 games against him. Every loss, a lesson. Every “almost”, a hope that I have the potential to beat him. After so many silent tries and bitter “almost victories”, this last wednesday‘s morning, after winning the previous task, I could scream out loud: 

Check Mate!! 

I beated Noam for the first time. If it is coincidence or not, my paragliding level is raising as my chess level raises, and Im really happy about it…”

Congrats Rafa and cheers from all the Ozone team!

For full Results visit: https://civlcomps.org/event/5th-fai-pan-american-paragliding-championship/results

Photos courtesy of Rafa Saladini and Nick Greece.


Baixo Guandu conjures up many images, flying over gigantic black, granite domes followed by evenings enjoying all-you-can eat BBQs.

Baixo Guandu is one of the best places for a competition in a country full of amazing places to fly. It has been a favourite World Cup destination since we first headed there back in 2013. Subsequent competitions were held there in 2015, 2018 and a very successful nine task Super Final in 2019.

It has a wide variety of terrain, which provides lots of options for interesting and challenging tasks. The area is mainly flatland with hills, but there are some low mountains as well. The main flying area is separated by the sweet and rather muddy, meandering Rio Doce. The thermals are relatively big and not too strong, usually 2-3 m/s, and often marked by clouds. All of this adds up to lots of options for the pilot to choose for transitions. Do you go to the right side of the river and take the mountains, or the left side in the flats? For many, the mythical area to the north, near Pancas, is what paragliding fairy tales are made of. Pilots fly over an amazingly scenic area full of huge granite spires and boulders. Words have never been enough to describe the legendary Pontões Capixabas Natural Monument. Many refer to it as “Jurassic Park”, others just shake their heads and laugh at such an amazing flying experience.

We hope we will take you there again, and bring back photos and memories, along with a podium full of winners.

For more visit: www.pwca.org

Text courtesy of Ruth Jessop

Photos courtesy of PWCA


Après une première victoire au British Open, Honorin Hamard, pilote de l’équipe R&D Ozone, poursuit sur sa lancée en remportant l’épreuve de Coupe du Monde de Roldanillo, toujours sous la nouvelle Zeno 2. Cette victoire confirme de façon éclatante le niveau de performance de l’aile.

Meryl Delferriere (Enzo 3) termine deuxième à 6 petits points d’Honorin ! Bravo à elle, c’est le meilleur résultat au classement général jamais réalisé par une femme en Coupe du Monde. 

Baptiste Lambert (Enzo 3) complète le podium après une semaine sans faute et une victoire dans la troisième manche. 

Naturellement, Ozone termine en tête du classement par équipe. Huit des dix premières places reviennent à des pilotes volant sous Ozone.

Résultats complets : https://live.pwca.org/scores.php?comp=29

Bravo à tous de la part de l’équipe Ozone.

Crédit photos : PWCA.org

Paragliding World Cup Roldanillo, Colombia, 6th-13th February 2022

The World Cup first ventured to Roldanillo in 2011, with pilots from 28 countries competing. It was such a great success that two Super Finals were then held there, in 2013 and 2018. We’re returning in 2022 with pilots from 33 different countries, and the highest pilot quality we’ve ever seen.

Since those early days Roldanillo has become one of the best competition venues in the World thanks to its reliability, easy logistics, thermal quality, textbook flying conditions and most importantly the people.

The people of Colombia have been welcoming pilots with open arms for over a decade and it’s not uncommon to see pilots flooding into Roldanillo on the back of motorcycles, tractors or even a donkey from time to time!! 

The Paragliding World Cup starts in a weeks’ time and many top pilots are already landing here to train for this event.

Roldanillo is a traditional Colombian town sitting in the valley of Valle Del Cauca at 925 m. The launch, Augua Panela, is 869 metres above the town with beautiful views and trees for shade. Pilots can expect to find thermals as strong as 5-6 metres a second, with cloud base reaching 3000 plus metres. All of Valle Del Cauca works wonderfully giving very interesting tasks with lots of different routes for pilots to choose from, taking the valley, which side of the valley, or flying the mountains. The landing zones are huge and everywhere, which makes it possible for pilots to get lower than ever imagined low saves.

Roldanillo has become home from home for many of the top pilots on the World Cup circuit, basing themselves here to run courses, adding glitter to our star-studded selection list. All that needs to be said about the pilot quality: ‘CF’ wasn’t enough to get a place!

Honorin Hamard will definitely be one to watch, stretching his wings flying the first production model of the Ozone Zeno 2! Keep up with all the fun and frolics on the World Cup website, pwca.org and on the PWCA Live App at https://live.pwca.org

Text courtesy of Ruth Jessop
Photos by Ulric Jessop


Russ Ogden, Honorin Hamard et Luc Armant, tous trois membres de l’équipe de R&D Ozone, ont trusté les trois places du podium aux Championnats du Monde qui viennent de s’achever. Ils volaient tous sous une Enzo 3 et “dans” la nouvelle sellette Submarine.

Yael Margelisch, pilote du Team Ozone, a été couronnée reine de ces championnats, suivie de notre chère Seiko Fukuoka et de Klaudia Bulgakov, toutes trois sous Enzo 3 également. Le Royaume-Uni a remporté le classement par équipe pour la première fois de l’histoire. 

L’Enzo 3 équipait dix-sept pilotes parmis les 20 premiers ! Merci à tous les pilotes qui ont choisi Ozone et bravo à tous les participants. 

Ruth Jessop, de PWCA.org, nous fait revivre la dernière manche en Argentine :

“La journée a commencé sous un ciel bleu et du soleil. Une manche de 80km a été lancée avec un petit crochet par le nord avant de se diriger vers l’arrivée au sud via deux balises.

Le classement général allait se jouer entre Russel Ogden et Honorin Hamard alors que dix filles pouvaient encore prétendre remporter le classement féminin. Le classement par pays était très ouvert également. La tension était palpable dans la moiteur du décollage.

Stephan Morgenthaler s’est détaché en début de parcours, parvenant à rester sur les reliefs alors que de nombreux pilotes étaient déjà en difficulté sous la dense couverture nuageuse. Ensuite, le ciel s’est rouvert et Stephan a confirmé sa position de leader. Il est parvenu le premier au but et avec le maximum de leading bonus, prenant les 1000 points de la victoire.

Russell et Honorin sont restés au coude à coude sur tout le parcours, au bord de la rupture.

Le vent a changé plusieurs fois de direction, souvent de face sur le parcours. Le final haletant entre Russell et Honorin, ponctué de points bas et de rebondissements a conduit un nombre de spectateurs record à suivre la course en live tracking. Ils terminent la manche de 80km avec un écart de 1 min et 32 s, insuffisant pour qu’Honorin prive Russel du titre.

Pour la première fois depuis le succès de Bruce Goldsmith en 2007, c’est un Britannique qui est Champion du Monde de Parapente : Russell Ogden.

Pour la première fois, le Royaume-Uni gagne le titre par équipe. Bravo à Russell Ogden, Martin Long, Sebastian Ospina, Theo Warden (champion d’Europe en titre) et leur coach, Jocky Sanderson.

Félicitations à Yael Margelisch qui a fait une très belle dernière manche pour devenir Championne du Monde et prendre la 18ème place au classement général.

Avant le départ, Yael nous disait : ‘On peut surfer la vague mais il ne faut pas la perdre. Je veux obtenir un bon résultat ici pour rester au sommet de la vague.’ Mission accomplie, et c’est une très grosse vague !

Bravo à tous ceux qui ont mis tant d’efforts pour que cette compétition soit une réussite. Le Directeur de l’Epreuve, Sergio Bujazha et le Manager Général, Matias Fortini, entrent dans le livre des records du Parapente pour avoir réussi à organiser un championnat du Monde de Parapente avec 150 pilotes au milieu d’une pandémie !

Merci, jolie Loma Bola, avec sa jungle et son ciel imprévisible, à bientôt”.

Résultats complets, cliquer here

Félicitations à tous les pilotes et un grand bravo de la part de toute l’équipe OZONE.


From January 15th to 21st the First Ozone Colombia Open will be held in Pie de Chinche. Continuing the legacy of the Ozone Chabre Open, this is a fun and educational event for pilots looking to hone their XC skills and experience the fun and excitement of competition flying, without the stress and pressure of an overly competitive environment. Legendary XC coach, Jocky Sanderson, will be on location along with a mentor pilot to be confirmed, give pre-task advice, and daily debriefings. With the focus being entirely on fun and learning, this is the perfect event for intermediate pilots who want to level up their flying. 

Entry is limited to EN C wings and below. 

Like the other spectacular events we have helped to create (Ozone Caribbean Open, Ozone Krushevo Open), this will be a professionally run competition organized by local experts. The Airnomads Team has a 12 year history of successful competitions, including 2 PWC, 2 Super Final PWC events, 2 British Opens, One FAI World Championship, and other international opens. 

This is a smaller than average event and slots are limited, so we recommend securing your place ASAP.  Register at:  https://airtribune.com/ozone-open-colombia/

Cheers from all the Team, we’ll see you in the tropics! 

WINTER IN COLOMBIA: A note from Lucho, comp organizer.

Over the past eleven years Colombia has become more and more popular with foreign pilots as a winter destination. The first reason is of course that during the northern hemisphere’s winter, Colombia experiences the best of our two summer seasons that we have here in the tropics. As the paragliding scene has developed here, a more important factor has emerged: The citizens of the Cauca Valley have come to embrace paragliding and its importance to the local economy. The influx of free flight visitors has greatly improved the economy. Cooperation between civil authorities and private enterprise has strengthened infrastructure and improved things for both the locals and visitors. Today Colombia and the Cauca Valley region is a destination not only because of excellent flying conditions, but also because it is recognized as a safe and culturally interesting place to visit. Brilliant natural landscapes, welcoming local people, and a thriving multi-ethnic society make this a wonderful place to visit. exploring natural marvels and exchanging the happiness of the multi-ethnic society. 

Colombia is more than a paragliding trip, is an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and discover the real comfort of being welcome anywhere you go — it is a place to enjoy the air but, more importantly, a place to learn the meaning of simple life while you are on the ground.

Colombia will welcome you with wide open arms, come alone, with your family, or with your friends! If you are interested in different activities contact Airnomads Colombia: