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abril 23, 2018

The Second stop of the 2018 PWC in Baixo Guandu, Brazil, came to an end on Saturday after five valid tasks.

Congrats to the OZONE Team, which took first place in the team category.

OZONE Team Pilot, Cody Mittanck, who finished in 10th place overall, shares his insight from the last day of competition in Baixo Guandu:

“I’m always wondering what skills competition pilots have compared to other disciplines of our sport. I think one of the primary skills that develops instinctively after years of experience is akin to proprioception in hyperdrive. Proprioception is an awareness of our bodies moving through space. In competition a pilot is constantly judging his position relative to often 30 other pilots nearby within a thermal rocketing upwards into a cloud. Add to this the fact that these other pilots can be moving at variable speeds forwards, up, or down (and sometimes straight at you turning the opposite direction as two gaggles merge). Even considering this highly tuned sense I still find it amazing we don’t collide on a regular basis. This is the thought I had today while 80 pilots were all trying to squeeze into a 20 meter wide column of air rushing 5 meters per second up a steep cliff face. And just to add a little spice everyone is turning the opposite direction. Your senses are peaking in this moments, a rush hard to find in any other sport. The final task today was a perfect representation of the comp. The first leg was fast with ridge running and strong climbs, the middle shut down and we spent an hour turning circles going nowhere, the last leg found us racing again in a convergence line into goal. Baixo served up some of the most challenging and rewarding tasks I’ve ever experienced in a competition. This is going to be an interesting venue for a Superfinal.”

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