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enero 22, 2018

The 2017 SuperFinal in the tropical Valle del Cauca, Colombia has come to an end.

Colombia’s flying capital, Roldanillo has again delivered conditions which allowed pilots to race nine out of ten days of competition.

Congrats to all the pilots and to the main winners, Michael Sigel, Laurie Genovese and the Ozone Team.

Laurie flew her Enzo 3 for the first time in Colombia and not only won the women’s category but led the pack from beginning to end, finishing in 5th place overall. Way to go Laurie!

Thanks to Ozone team pilot, Cody Mittanck, who after the long flying days in Colombia took the time to share with us his daily report. Cody was one of the six pilots who made goal during the last task. Enjoy his final report from Roldanillo:

“Whatever today was, it probably couldn’t be called racing. Conditions looked promising on the first leg to the north, but as soon as we turned back to the south high cloud shaded everywhere. Unlike other tasks the conditions never turned back on today. At one point I remember thinking I wish there was someway to have a gentleman’s agreement amongst all the pilots, so we could all go land and commiserate over beers. At the end the main gaggle went straight down the middle of the valley in desperate conditions and everyone dirted but one. Two other small gaggles tried their luck in the terrain to the east and west and overall 6 pilots somehow made it into goal. The last 10 days have been all about knowing when to change gears. The thermals out here have been very difficult to track solo, which made it hard for the lone wolf to break free of the pack. Many great pilots ended up far back in the ranking when bold moves didn’t pay off. This years winners understood the conditions better than everyone else. They applied this knowledge with superior flying skills to earn the top positions. But maybe even more impressive was the job done by the meet director, the task committee, and the pwc organization to somehow get 10 tasks in with less than perfect weather. Thanks for a memorable comp, looking forward to the next season.”

We want to send a special congrats to the Paragliding World Cup family for its 25 years of bringing our community together (at full speed). Thanks guys!

For full results: www.pwca.org

Cheers from all the team!