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The Mantra M2 – 1200km in 7 flights…

noviembre 22, 2006

Ozone`s own photographer / adventurer, Olivier Laugero, is currently on assignment in Brazil. For the past few days he has been flying in Quixada with his trusty sidekick, Lionel Lang. The two are both flying the new Mantra M2. Despite poor conditions in the mornings, with overcast skies that forced them to start late, in just 7 flights they each racked up more than 1200km of XC flying including their last flight of 292km. Olivier and Lio made several flights flying together, wingtip to wingtip, for over 220km!

They were flying without organized retrieves, which made the trip back to launch quite long and usually a total adventure. Olivier reports: “We spent several nights in hammocks with local families, all of whom were incredibly nice. We danced the Forro until late at night, rode on the backs of motorcycles for thousands of kilometers, and rode in the back of dump trucks, all through amazing Brazilian culture and scenery. The gliders are insane, thanks! We did a few long glides with some real comp wings and there is virtually no difference between those [open class comp] wings and our M2! Now we are going to try your new kitesurfing wing [The Instinct], thanks for everything!”

Have fun guys, and cheers from all the Ozone Team back here in the Office!