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Aire Cornizzolo Seminar Party 2005

mayo 16, 2005

Russ, Jerome, and Matt have just returned from Aire Cornizzolo, the Ozone Distributor in Italy. The Aire Cornizzolo Team hosted the annual Ozone Seminar Party, for all pilots. Of the massive gaggle that attended, there were plenty of Italians and also some visiting pilots from all over Europe.

Jerome and Matt BASE jumped from tandem gliders for the crowd, Russ made them scream with wicked acro maneuvers, and they all three buzzed the take-off performing acro for the pilots on Sunday, when perfect conditions saw pilots of all abilities at cloudbase in warm spring air.

The Aire Cornizzolo Team is an excellent group of pilots and we are all quite happy to have them working with us. www.airecornizzolo.com

Another Aire Cornizzolo event that should not be missed is the Cornizzolo Cup in Lecco, Italy, the 22-24th of July.