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Airborne Expedition in Tahiti.

abril 17, 2005

The life of an Ozone Team Pilot can be very difficult. Take Kris, Kym, and Aude for example. Last month they were faced with the trials and tribulations of travel in tropical South America, where they were forced to fly above the rainforests and jungles of the central latitudes every day. Next, they flew across the Pacific Ocean to the tropical paradise of Tahiti, where they were subjected to the intense rays of the equatorial sun and the misery of white sand beaches and crystal clear water (see photos at right).

All of us here at the Ozone office wish the Airborne Expedition Team the strength necessary to make it through these trying times 😉

After suffering in Tahiti, the team flew off to Australia (where they are now). More details and photos can be seen at: www.airborneplanet.net