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New Features Uploaded to the Ozone Website!

Februar 28, 2007

As you may have noticed, our new website is still missing a lot of content. It is of course also missing a lot of languages! So first of all, if English is not your favorite language to read then please accept our apologies. We will try to get the other languages up as soon as possible.

There is some exciting new content in the following sections: Downloads, and Team.

In the Downloads section, you will see a new photo and video gallery, which should give you plenty to do if you get bored at work!

In the Team section, the new Pilots page has some of the Ozone faces and some photos of them in action, plus a new Ozone Team Micro-Site with photos and a great video, check it out!

Please stay tuned for more features and content, including custom color choosers, an adventure page, events calendar, and more!

Cheers from all the Team.