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Debu Choudhury stellt neuen indischen Rekord auf

Mai 20, 2018

Der fliegende Guru Debu Choudhury aus dem Himalaja hat bei sich daheim einen neuen indischen Streckenrekord aufgestellt, der zudem das größte flache Dreieck ist, das je in Asien geflogen wurde.

Debu schreibt uns dazu:

“Every year around the 20th of April a few of us get together In Bir and have a week of flying and trying to set a new distance record, it’s just a number but it helps with the motivation and is a good excuse to fly as much and as far as possible during some of the best conditions of the year (if you are lucky).

This year the day for me was the 23rd of April, we got to launch around 8 and started getting ready, unfortunately my partner in crime Fredi Bach had a small issue this day, his camelback leaked all into his reserve on the ride up and so he had to repack etc, so I was on my own for the day, and took of around 9:15, conditions were weak initially but as I got 20 km into the flight it started to come on nicely and the day was looking promising, I kept pushing to build up my average speed and after a few hours I realized it might be the day even if conditions were not epic, it was one of those flights were everything seemed to sync perfectly, my lines worked , everytime I hit a trigger the climb was there and I didn’t get stuck anywhere, the sky did get quite big at one point but the beauty of flying in bir is that you can take an outside line away from the main mountains, this worked perfectly for me . The end of the flight was a little stressful as the sun was shaded by clouds by the end of the day and I had to scratch to finish the flight, but I all worked out and was a really memorable flight”

Debu ist mit seinem Zeno geflogen. Seinen Track kannst du dir hier ansehen.

Ein Cheers und Glückwünsche vom gesamten OZONE Team.