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Ein weiteres Uptade von Girard aus Südamerika (3)

März 2, 2018

Antoine Girard und Martin Beaujouan sind nun in Iquique angekommen. Ihr aktueller Bericht zeugt von ihrem großen Einsatz, den ihnen diese Südamerikareise abverlangt:

“We just arrived in Iquique, the flying Mecca of Chile. We crossed 750km of rocky dunes, the first time it has been crossed unsupported. In total now we have completed 1500km of vol-biv on this route. This section was much harder than expected, the strong southerly wind was incapacitating. Flying backward was common every day. Thermal flying in these conditions pushed our nerves and piloting abilities to the limit. The local pilots are waiting for „flyable“ conditions to use the XC wings. We are hoping for easier conditions!

We still have 200km to Arica before heading back to the big mountains of Peru. For this part we need a safety boat on the ocean, and the perfect wind, because there is no landing place except the water…”

Du kannst Antoines und Martines Reiseroute hier verfolgen.