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Team Ozone gewinnt den PWC in Ecuador 2017

November 6, 2017

Unser Ozone Team hat den PWC in Ecuador gewonnen. Hier der Originalbericht:

The last stop of the 2017 PWC in Guayaquil, Ecuador, wrapped up after three valid tasks.
The race started under 100% cloud cover, that slowly improved and allowed the organizers to set a 61 km first task to the north. The second task saw a more open sky and a very interesting 67 km race to goal with concentric circles as the turn points were set. This gave different route options due to the different wind directions and a wide variety of topography to play with. During the last leg, the wind pushed pilots off the course line. This didn’t stop Honorin, who stormed ahead flying a more southerly line on his own, from getting to goal 7 minutes ahead of everyone else.

Low clouds forced the organizers to cancel the next three days of competition. Finally on Saturday the pilots got back in the air to race the final task. Very light conditions made it difficult at the start of the 64 km task, but the day brightened just at the right moment with lots of different routes that split the gaggles up. 48 pilots made goal, finishing Ecuador’s first ever World Cup.

The overall winner was Ozone R&D Team pilot, Honorin Hamard (FRA) followed by Stefan Wyss (CH) in second, and Zoran Labovic (NOR) in third.
In the women’s category, Yael Margelisch (CH) got the first place followed by Keiko Hiraki (JPN) and Benedicte Saury (FRA) respectively.
The team winner was The Ozone Team. Seven out of the top ten pilots flew Ozone.

For full results, click here

Cheers and congrats from all the Ozone Team.
The PWC Superfinal 2017 will take place in Colombia in January 2018, stay tuned for more.