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3 große Wände | 2 Flüge| 1 Tag | kein Seil

September 3, 2017

Am Morgen des 8. Augusts ist der österreichische Alpinist Hansjörg Auer mit einigen wesentlichen Ausrüstungsgegenständen zu einem Abendteuer aufgebrochen. Mit dabei hatte er: seinen kleinen Gleitschirm, ein leichtes Gleitschirmgurtzeug, seine Kletterschuhe, eine Jacke, ein Paar dünne Handschuhe, ein Stirnband und sein Magnesiumsackerl. Hier stellt uns Hansjörg sein neuestes Projekt vor, wobei es um 3 große Wände, 2 Flüge, 1 Tag und kein Seil geht:

„Already as a young kid I was fascinated about mountaineering in general. For the last 15 years I’m playing the game of free solo climbing and back in 2007 I took off with a paraglider for the first time. To combine those three elements within a day and to experience a different kind of physical and mental limit was something I was thinking about for a long time.

While searching for the right mountain range the Italian Dolomites were my first choice. Choosing then Marmolada, Piz Ciavazes and Sass dla Crusc for the climbs was pretty logical. It’s simply the faces where I always felt at ease. Equipment wise I used a 18L backpack, filled with my wing, a light paragliding harness, my climbing shoes, a jacket, a pair of thin gloves, a headband and my chalk bag. To do the project without any stashed gear was obligatory for me.

But the whole journey would have been impossible without my brother Matthias, who gave me his full confidence even during the moment before my last free solo climb on Sass dla Crusc when it got difficult to stay concentrated. After the final pitch I felt relieved to see Matthias sitting on the rim waiting for me. He looked calm and relaxed, while I felt tired and exhausted. After 15 minutes walking we reached the last summit together and enjoyed an amazing sunset with three cans of beer”

Hansjörg ist mit seinem Ultralite 3 unterwegs gewesen.

Das gesamte OZONE Team gratuliert mit einem dicken Cheers.