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Ultralite 19 Available for Order!

Januar 29, 2007

The Ultralite 19 is the lightest version of the world’s lightest paraglider!

The Ultralite 19 is not flight tested, only load tested, and is a smaller version of the DHV certified Ultralite 23 and 25 meter sizes.

At just 2.5kg, the Ultralite 19 is extraordinarily light for its size. The concept was to create the lightest version of a full-sized paraglider that is still safe to launch and land in difficult conditions at high altitudes. There are other, smaller, ‘mountaineering’ wings available, but to go any smaller than 19 meters in area compromises the safety of the wing too much. In high alpine environments, safety and ease of use are critical factors, and these factors are largely governed by wing-loading.

The 19m size is not certified, and due to its small size it can be a more technical glider to fly, especially if flown with higher wing-loading. It is meant for more experienced pilots who are searching for the lightest possible wing. The Ultralite 19 is load tested to 8Gs at 100kg.

The Ultralite is now available in three sizes: 19m, 23m DHV 1-2, and 25m DHV 1-2. To accompany the Ultralite is the Oxygen1 harness, a lightweight but comfortable harness / backpack combination with padded legs and back and the new slim and light automatic buckles.