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Felix gewinnt in Ager

August 1, 2017

Nun sind die Spanish Nationals in garer nach 4 gültigen Durchgängen zu Ende gegangen. Unser Team Pilot Xevi Bonet berichtet:

“We flew 4 excellent tasks. The first day, with westerly winds in the forecast, the task was a 128 km race to goal, a direct line from the official take off to Sant Pere de Torello. The winner of the day was Felix Rodriguez who flew at an average speed of 44 km/h!!!

The second task, of 71 km, started along Àger Valley and continued into Isona Valley. This task finished in the nicest goal in the area, El Xiringito right at the shores of La Pobla de Segur’s swamp. The winner was Mario Arque on his Zeno.

The third task, with more southerly wind flow, we flew straight into the core of the Pyrenees, with goal in the well known Valle de Boi. The young french pilot, Tom Chauvin, won the task on his Zeno.

The fourth and last day of competition, with big cloud developments for the afternoon, the task was a 60 km race to goal towards Vilanova de Meià, flying along Isona Vallley and with goal, once again, in Xiringuito. This time I was the lucky winner, flying at an average speed of 37 km/h“

Die Gesamtwertung gewann Felix Rodriguez, gefolgt von Xevi Bonet und Xavi Pujol. Alle 3 Piloten gingen mit ihrem Enzo 3 an den Start. Von den Top 10 platzierten Piloten flogen 9 einen Ozone Schirm.

Alle Ergebnisse findest du hier.

Wir gratulieren allen Piloten und senden ein Cheers vom gesamten OZONE Team!