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Marcin geht mit dem Buzz Z5 in Polen auf Streckenflug

Juli 24, 2017

Während einige Piloten gerade dabei waren, die Alpen zu überqueren, und sich andere wiederum in Italien bei den Weltmeisterschaften ein Rennen lieferten, ist Marcin Szczesny mit seinem Buzz Z5 aufgebrochen, um einen neuen persönlichen Rekord in Polen aufzustellen. Hier ist die Meldung von Marcin, die wir vor ein paar Tagen erhalten haben:

“After many days of bad weather, forecasts promised that on Thursday July 6th, we could go far. I decided to take a day off and together with two colleagues went to Pila (sport airport). We were first that day. No one was getting ready to take off, so I decided to fly first. I spread my Buzz Z5 and I got in the air. I released the tow at 600m, and immediately I found a thermal column. First at 1200m above the ground, later at 1500 meters. The clouds started to form nicely . Then I just thought it might be the day to do the first 100km. The beginning was good, after about an hour and a half the crisis got me. At the bottom I saw a village and thought it might be a chance to go up. 170 meters above the ground I caught the thermal with +2m/s. I was quickly under cloud base. Under me gorgeous views, lakes, woods and small towns. During the flight I tried to bypass the no flying zone and it was successful. At the end of the day the thermals were not so strong but I still managed to keep turning and reach 1900m for my final glide. I landed after 5 hours close to the main road. There was a group of children waiting for me. My Gps showed 137km! My first +100km and personal record and everything on my low EN B-Ozone Buzz Z5. The smile did not go from my face to the end of the day”

Marcins Track findest du über diesen Link: here

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